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Student of the Month: Aggie Wojnar

Meet our student of the month Aggie Wojnar!

Aggie is a student on the Foundation Degree in Interior Design. She recently completed module 6 in home staging and show home design which has resulted in her being put forward for student of the month for her excellent development work.


Foundation Degree in Interior Design

The Foundation Degree in Interior Design is ideal for students who are actively pursuing a career in Interior Design and already hold a Diploma in Interior Design or a previous qualification in a relevant subject. Because there are no terms or semesters at the National Design Academy, you can fit your studies around your lifestyle and even earn whilst you learn.

The course has a wide range of modules that will allow you to improve and widen your knowledge and skillset. You can expect to learn about everything from creative lighting and technology, to sustainable design and show home design.

What Aggie’s Tutor says

“The development work produced shows that Aggie has a clear ability to reflect her ideas quickly and effectively.

Not only has Aggie sketched out her ideas for furniture placement, but also has thought about the space in 3 dimensions, showing that she is considering all aspects of the space, which in turn has enabled her to develop a successful design.

Her fluid sketching style also shows a clear understanding for perspective, which gives her work a ‘real’ feeling to it. The use of rendering adds depth, as tone and shading has been used. She has also started to quickly offer an impression of colour, without spending too much time on this, allowing her to get her ideas down on to paper as she has them.”

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If you are interested in studying on the Foundation Degree in Interior Design or any of our other interior design courses, then please visit our course page to find out more information. Or alternately email us at: or call us on +44(0)1159 123 412.

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