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Student of the Month: Sue Sadler

Sue Sadler has been selected for our August Student of the Month because of her ability to represent her garden design concepts through such expressive drawings. Her drawings truly capture the ambience of her designs both during the day and at night.

Student of the Month: Sue Sadler

Who is Sue Sadler?

After working in the civil service and business sectors, Sue studied history at university and for approximately 15 years worked part-time on and off as a history lecturer for university undergraduates and taught on courses and day schools open to the public. She also worked as a researcher and writer.

She then worked part-time for the property services business that she and her husband established. This work included some aspects of garden maintenance. She also transformed her oddly shaped garden, which included approximately 120 feet of hedgerow on its longest boundary, into a family friendly organic garden.

They are now beginning to find that clients are asking Sue to re-design their gardens as a natural progression from other work she and her husband have completed.

All the staff here at the NDA were bowled over by your drawings. Well done Sue on being selected as Student of the Month and keep up the good work.

Here are some examples of her work:

Student of the Month: Sue Sadler

Student of the Month: Sue Sadler

Student of the Month: Sue Sadler

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5 Responses

  1. WOW! Stunning interpretation with a degree of delicacy that makes the drawings seem ‘alive’. I recognise various species of plant form the sympathetic drawings alone. Brilliant work.

  2. Sue, these drawings are fantastic, such inspirational work! Very well done!

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