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Student of the Month – Philip Williams

ConceptConceptModule 4Philip Williams has been chosen as our Student of the Month –  June 2014 for his high quality and in-depth developmental work on the FdA Retail Design course.

About Philip’s Course

The National Design Academy’s Foundation Degree in Retail Design is fully validated by Staffordshire University.

The FdA Retail Design is one of the more specialised qualifications here at the National Design Academy. This degree course allows students to develop their knowledge and understanding of the specific skills required to work within the Retail sector.  The Foundation Degree in Retail  Design will offer students a pathway to progress on to the BA (hons) Retail Design top up course.

What Philip’s Tutor Says…

“Philip was selected as our Student of the Month for a well-rounded, highly analytical, creatively designed and thorough developmental approach to his course modules. His thinking process is clearly demonstrated through his work via extensive and analytical visuals and the evaluation of his creative ideas. Phillip always focuses on expanding his approach to each of the design briefs, through a creative and conceptual process before finalising his proposal. Philip constantly demonstrates the ability to draw clearly and challenges his own thoughts which shows great determination to accept feedback and apply it in order to produce work to a very high standard.”

What Philip says…

“Each project undertaken has given me the scope to challenge my thought process and push the boundaries of my creative thinking. My aim when starting any project is to gain a clear and concise understanding of the brief and what core elements need to be submitted. I have always found that this is one of the most important stages in a project as it ensures that the finished design meets the requirement.

Spending time researching the brief by looking around and experiencing different environments has provided me with unique sources of inspiration for all of my projects. Challenging myself to think creatively and originally at this stage has been critical in ensuring that the finished design not only stands out but is impactful and has depth and variety.

Translating the thought processes, idea generation and research stages into a coherent concept is always a challenge but vitally important. Working to refine these concepts and ideas gives me the opportunity to validate the decisions made and creatively explore further if necessary.

The stage that I have always enjoyed the most is to bring the concept to life by using the technical skills in AutoCAD, Google-Sketch-UP & Adobe Photoshop that I have gained from attending the NDA workshops. This has allowed me to produce professional visuals that effectively communicate the concept.

I see each module as an opportunity to transform a blank piece of paper into a design that is not only thought provoking but also challenges the mind”.

Moodboards and visualBrand development

To sign up for our FdA Retail Design course visit:  or alternatively call: 0115 9123 412.


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