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Student of the Month: Nicola Gardner

The award of Student of the Month for August goes to Nicola Gardner. She has been awarded this prestigious title for her professionally presented independent study project, for module 3 of her BA (Hons) Interior Design Degree.

Independent Study Project presentation

Nicola has been put forward for Student of the Month based on the professional quality and consideration of her overall presentation.

Student of the Month - Project presentation

What Nicola’s Tutor Says?

It is great to see a project presented in an individual way to enhance the client/reader experience. This presentation takes them on a journey through the project, from the initial concept stages through to the final design scheme.

This level of understanding continues within Nicola’s design journal and supporting development work. It demonstrates the level of research undertaken and dedicated to her final study project, which will enhance and accentuate her own portfolio.

Student of the Month - NDA - Visuals Interior Design

The effort and accomplishment shown here is a great way to finish the course, as well as developing a showcase project for her own design portfolio ready for the industry.

Interior design visuals - National Design Academy - Student work


What Nicola says

“The approach for my final project was inspired by my love of the countryside, and my passion for the restoration of derelict buildings using the architectural term, adaptive reuse.

For me, the idea of adapting old buildings whilst still retaining their integrity and cultural significance is a huge importance, to not just local communities but to also to help retain Britain’s countryside.

My final project honed in on the idea of taking a derelict steading and turning it into a functional rural community hub. Taking inspiration from traditional farming communities. Within the new steading, a family home, cafe, farmshop with restaurant and an outdoor pursuit centre was created. Each of these new spaces was inspired by the surrounding landscapes and countryside and created not only a new family home, but also new jobs, community spirit and educational and social ventures.

My time with NDA has been an exciting rollercoaster of a journey with many challenges but also so many proud moments that have helped my confidence grow.

I have gained so many new skills that I feel the conventional route of University wouldn’t have even brushed upon. I would thoroughly recommend this course to anyone with a love for interior design who is looking for an exciting and flexible way to study.”

Nicola Gardner - NDA - Interior design renders

Well done Nicola and great work!

Take a look to Nicola’s blog to check more of her work.


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4 Responses

  1. Hi Nicola
    Way to go, I’m very happy for you, I wish you finish your study and have the best luck with a grate job.
    I’ll try to follow your steps in your hard work.


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