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Student of the Month – June 2012


This month we have selected two students from NDA’s  BA (Hons) in Retail design for their outstanding work on the module titled Visual Communications.

Jacqueline Winchester and Lawrence Somers-Yeates both produced excellent work for this module.

Jacqueline chose to re-design a Hereford branch of H & M. Before attempting to change things around, Jacqueline provided excellent background information and analysis of the store as it currently is, highlighting areas that could be improved. Her new concept for the store covered many details and showed that each element was extremely well thought out. Well done Jacqueline!

Jacqueline’s branding module was chosen as student of the month as her work showed a very clear development of ideas, working closely with her chosen brand looking at its past, present and future. Jacquelines, continuous attention to detail has made even the most simple contents of her work look dynamic and full of life.

Lawrence Somers-Yeates chose the shoe store Office to focus his attention on. Again a good background analysis highlighting issues with the current store followed up with excellent 3D renders of his redesign meant that his ideas were well thought out and easy to follow.

We picked Lawrence for his innovative ideas and ability to include technology into his designs. His final idea for a conveyor belted POS display was innovative and appealed to the young and funky target market of the given brand.

Well done to both students!

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