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Student of the Month – February

Nicola Shaw is our Student of the Month for February.

Nicola is currently on the third year of her Foundation Degree in Interior Design and is working as a Freelance Creative Agent in Birmingham, helping schools to plan and deliver learning projects working with creative professionals (from dancers, visual artists to architects).

Nicola has been chosen for Student of the Month because of her excellent Design Journal which she has created as an online blog!

At NDA we are big believers (and readers) of design blogs, so to see such a nice one being used by a student as a journal is a delight. Nicola’s blog demonstrates how effective a clean and simple design can be, using a combination of dark grey colours for the background and text makes it very easy on the eye (reading black text on a white background is too much like staring into a 40watt bulb!). The content is also extremely well presented and a pleasure to read, Nicola clearly has a keen passion for cutting edge modern design. Keep up the good work!

You can read Nicola’s journal here:

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