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Student of the Month – Adam Rzeszotalski

We have selected a student from our Diploma in Interior Design course to be November’s student of the month. Adam Rzeszotalski has been awarded this highly esteemed title based on the exceptional work he produced for the furniture and furnishings unit of the diploma.

About Adam’s Course

NDA’s Diploma in Interior Design is fully validated by AIM Awards.

The Diploma in Interior Design is one of the most popular qualifications here at the National Design Academy. The diploma allows students a platform to build on their love for interior design whilst increasing their academic and practical skills and knowledge. The main course units that are covered in this diploma include drawing, design, lighting, finishes, soft furnishings and colour theory along with a selection of other topics.

The Diploma in Interior Design will also allow students a base to progress on to the BA in Interior Design that is validated by Staffordshire University.

What Adam’s Tutor Says…

“Adam has been chosen for student of the month for his brilliant submission of the furniture and furnishings unit of the diploma. Adam’s furniture design meets the given client brief and is well considered, designed and presented. Adam has also used previous knowledge of space planning from unit 5 to produce a furniture layout for the client that shows development of great CAD skills and acute spatial awareness. Adam’s drawings are to a very high standard and the furniture general arrangement drawing clearly demonstrates the details of the design and consideration of elements such as anthropometrics and ergonomics. Adams word is slick and professional but he still manages to include creative flair and fun in his choice of furniture and accessories for the client making his work interesting and unique.”

Congratulations Adam and well done, keep up the good work!


To sign up for our Diploma in Interior Design visit: or alternatively call: 0115 9123 412

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