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Spring Colours 2024: Tutor Top Tones

Taking inspiration from the fashion industry, interior design colour trends often mirror the latest style influences. Pantone released their London Fashion Week Spring 2024 colour report, and we are seeing energising brights with nature-inspired shades.

Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone® Colour Institute had this to say about this season’s shades. “Both respectfully considered and hyper personal, this season’s colour’s move beyond the predictable to interact with each other in powerful ways. Drawn from daydreams of simpler times and at the same time showcasing contemporary modernity, a palette of colour where our unfettered desire for freedom and authenticity sets the rules and personal style comes without limits.”

Through our research we have selected our tutor top tones for Spring 2024. We’ve even outlined how you can integrate these mesmerising tones into your own interior spaces.

Tone 1 – Tarragon 

Spring Colours 2024: Tarragon

PANTONE 15-0326 – Tarragon – “A fresh green infused with notes of citrus, Tarragon displays a delicate piquancy.”

A feature wall in Tarragon Green can instantly transform a room, creating a harmonious backdrop for the entire space. Complementing Tarragon Green with neutral tones like soft whites or earthy beiges can enhance the overall balance of your design. For those who like bold statements, don’t shy away from experimenting with contrasting colours. Pairing Tarragon Green with complementary shades such as coral, blush pink, or golden yellows can create a lively and energetic atmosphere. When it comes to materials and textures, Tarragon Green seamlessly blends with natural elements. Introduce wooden accents, rattan furniture, or woven textiles to create a connection with the outdoors.

Tone 2&3 – Sunset Hues 

Spring Colours 2024: Sunset Hues

PANTONE 14-0952 – Spicy Mustard “Pungent Spicy Mustard is strikingly exotic.”

 PANTONE 16-1257- Sun Orange “Sun Orange, an enveloping orange reflective of a brilliant sunset.”

A vibrant colour like Sun Orange can be used across a whole wall for an energising feel. Alternatively, for a subtler approach, incorporate orange through furnishings and accessories. Think throw pillows, statement sofas, or even decorative vases. These pops of colour bring warmth without overwhelming the space.

The rich, golden hue of Spicy Mustard invites a sense of comfort and cosiness, making it an ideal choice for larger furniture pieces or textured elements like rugs and drapes.

To create visual interest and depth, consider combining orange and mustard in a complementary manner. For instance, a neutral base with mustard accents, such as a chair or throw blanket, can be enhanced with orange decorative elements.

Tone 4 – Lavender Fields 

Spring Colours 2024: Lavender Fields

PANTONE 15-1905 – Burnished Lilac –“Burnished Lilac, a tinged and smoky lavender tone with a new sophistication.”


A reminder of blooming lilac bushes, this colour brings a touch of elegance to living spaces. For a focal point, consider painting the woodwork or an accent wall in a bathroom for a serene backdrop inspired by the calmness of spring. Lilac pairs well with a variety of colours, offering versatility in creating a harmonious palette. Consider combining it with muted greens, soft blush pinks, or even gentle greys for balance. To enhance the elegance, incorporate metallic accents such as gold or brass. Think about gold-framed mirrors, lighting fixtures, or decorative accessories. This infusion of metallic elements adds a touch of opulence.


All four colours offer a balance of energising brights with tranquillity for Spring 2024 interiors. Whether you choose to make a bold statement with feature walls or subtly weave in colour through soft furnishings and accessories, any of our top tones will bring the hopeful energy of spring.

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