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Say hello to our new tutor, Jenette

NDA extends a warm welcome to Jenette Sefton who has recently joined our tutor team.

Jeanette Passport
Jenette’s experience with Interior Design and teaching is extensive and she will surely be a huge asset at NDA.

She has a BA (Hons) and  Master’s Degree in Philosophy and another Master’s Degree in Interior Design (with Commendation) from Birmingham Institute of Art and Design. Jenette also has a Post Graduate Certificate of Education in Art and Design and has been teaching at numerous colleges and universities for the last nine years. Proir to becoming a teacher she was a Graphic Designer.

Jenette’s research interests have focussed on solutions to the current housing problems in the UK through the redevelopment and refurbishment of dilapidated housing in urban areas. The use of space and how it can affect psychological well being as well as the long term sustainability of such developments in terms of economic and environmental costs are major concerns in her research.

Current developments in her research interests look at the Philosophy of Aesthetics and the contrast in Western and Eastern philosophical thought on this subject.

Along with other subjects, Jenette will teach the new Masters course when it is launched in the summer.

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