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Introducing Pinatex, a natural non-woven textile

The world of design often provides insight to emerging finds, in this case, textiles. Such finds can add real value to any interior designer suppliers list.

Leather is still somewhat sought after and is used in a variety of ways within interiors. Now, there is a new kind on the scene which offers the same leather look and feel, without the cost of a cow. This brings a great answer for the more sustainability conscious client and designer. It might even encourage new innovation and a new surge in the use of simulated leather in interiors.

Introducing Pinatex, a natural non-woven textile



The company Ananas Anam produces this leather looking textile from pineapple leaves. With a mission to ‘develop new textiles using natural fibres, which are the by-product of pineapple harvest. No extra land, water, fertilisers or chemicals are utilised in its production’ (ananas-anam 2016). This approach is an innovative option which is emerging in the design industry and beginning to make a pronounced mark.

Founded by Dr. Carmen Hijosa, this textile has already received an award from the Arts Foundation UK in 2016 for Material Innovation, along with other awards and accolades including the Vegan Fashion Label. This textile is a fine example of pioneering in the development of viable, sustainable textiles.

Pinatex products


It is no surprise to see this textile moving beyond the fashion world. From car seats to Puma trainers, watch bands, phone cases and more. This textile is moving well throughout the different design disciplines, no doubt interiors will soon grab hold of this and soon Pinatex will adorn residential and commercial spaces.

Pinatex Range

Introducing Pinatex, a natural non-woven textile Introducing Pinatex, a natural non-woven textile

Currently available within the Pinatex Original range is the range in charcoal, natural and brown. The gold from the Pinatex ORO range will be joined by other metallic hues in the near future.

This textile has enough reach to add real character and texture to interior design projects small and large. As we witness this new textile spreading across different design disciplines, there is growing admiration for Pinatex, a great addition to the world of innovation, interior design and sustainability.

Pinatex Clutch Bag



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