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New dawn, new day, new blogger!

I’ve been lucky enough to get the exciting job as the National Design Academy’s new PR person, which means from now on I’ll be sharing with you all the latest news about NDA and indeed the cutting edge world of interior design.

I’ve worked in Public Relations for the past ten years. In my previous job I worked for Nottingham homelessness charity Framework ( campaigning for the rights of homeless and vulnerable people, so promoting the work of the UK’s leading distance learning interior design school is certainly a different challenge, but it is certainly no less rewarding considering that NDA is committed to making further and higher education accessible to all; helping people from all walks of life to achieve their dreams and get on the path to a brand new career.

If you are new to The National Design Academy, welcome! it’s great to have you here. We have a wealth of online resources where you can find the latest news about the academy and its courses, share ideas with our staff and other students, find out about the latest trends, events and happenings and generally ‘hang out’ on the web with us.

Along with our main website ( and the Virtual Learning Studio ( where students can access course materials and use the ever busy Student Forum, we also have two blogs, a Facebook page and you can follow us on Twitter.


The National Design Academy’s main blog. This is the place to find all the current news about NDA; its courses, staff, students, events, advice and more.

This blog is all about the wonderful world of design; from interiors and exteriors to furniture, textiles and even utensils. Our tutors are as excited about interior design as much as they enjoy teaching it, so this blog gives them their soapbox on which they can share their passions. If it’s exciting and its about good design then you’ll find it here.


Come and socialise with us on Facebook, we love it when people scribble on our wall!


Wherever you are, you can ‘follow’ us and instantly find out what’s on our mind.

So with all this digital media we really are only a click or a tap of the screen away and we’d love to hear from you, so whether you’re a current student, thinking of becoming one or are already working in the design industry; read our posts and leave us a comment, re-tweet us, like us and send us to your friends.

Peter Morris


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