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NDA visit Meridian Audio

The tutor team at NDA recently spent a fascinating day visiting the Meridian Audio factory in Huntingdon.

The visit, arranged by RS AV Solutions, was the second in a series of development days to ensure that the tutors have current knowledge of integrated audio visual systems, which are as much a part of modern interior design as furniture and fabrics.

The first visit to Panasonic at Pinewood Studios, looked at the large screens used for both residential and commercial buildings and provided a useful insight into the use of large screen technology, particularly in retail.

The Meridian trip provided an opportunity to discuss the integration of AV projects into interior design scheme and the team at Meridian and RS AV Solutions did us proud in providing a packed and informative day. The trip through the factory showed the precision and repeated checking  that contributes to the  production of high end audio and video systems.
40th Anniversary Ruby Red DSP8000 speakers
 We heard the fantastic sound of the DSP 8000 speakers, created in ruby red to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the first speaker production.
Future trends in audio were discussed and we had the opportunity to listen to an original set of speakers still as good as they were when they were built!
RS AV Solutions have arranged the final trip in this series to visit Crestron, who produce fully integrated AV systems, in December – so watch out for our report on this trip too!
All our recently gained information will be incorporated in the updated Creative Lighting and Technology Module within the FdA in Interior Design.
If you are working with clients looking for AV systems, talk to Rob at RS AV Solutions.
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RS AV Solutions Ltd design and install bespoke automation and audio visual systems for home and business. They work with private customers looking for smarter homes and a range of business clients including developers, architects and interior designers. They are an  Industry Partner to the BIID (British Institute of Interior Design) and work with Meridian Audio, Crestron, Amina Technologies, Panasonic, Samsung & Rako lighting.

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