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NDA Case Study: Rezzan Kurt | MA in Interior Design

“While searching the courses, I found the NDA very professional, flexible and fresh. I needed to complete my MA in Interior Design while managing a career and a family with kids. NDA gave me this opportunity.”

Rezzan Kurt graduated with a degree in architecture from Istanbul Technical University (ITU) in 1998 and received her Masters degree with honours on Project Management at the same University. After graduating, she worked in Amsterdam, The Netherlands at the M3H Architectural Office. Returning to Turkey, she decided to pursue a career at developer companies with leadership qualifications in architecture and construction, at both urban and individual building scale.

After 20 years of experience as a professional, she decided to found her own company. Since September 2015, Architect Rezzan Kurt (M. Arch), who aimed to form interdisciplinary collaborations with expert teams and to contribute new perspectives to spaces while integrating her experience she has gained since 1998 in the fields of real estate, construction, and design founded Design Development Box (DD-Box).

Fulfilling her childhood dream of becoming an architect, Rezzan Kurt continues to work with the same passion she had on day one, while continuously renewing herself. To this end, she is currently pursuing her second Masters degree in Interior Design at the National Design Academy in Nottingham, UK.

Living in Istanbul, Rezzan is married since 2004 and has two girls, one 7-year-old named Defne and one 4-month-old, Lina. Her husband, Erkan Kurt is an investment banker.

Rezzan answered a few questions to a National Design Academy interview.

Rezzan, could you please tell us what you were doing before you started your course with the National Design Academy?

When I enrolled in the MA Interior Design Programme, I was responsible for overall project and design management of big scale shopping centres, mix-use and residential projects each exceeding 100,000 square meters at Turkmall Real Estate, as Director of Commercial Development department.

Why did you choose to study with the National Design Academy?

After working professionally for more than 15 years in my sector, I was dreaming of founding my own company. I wanted to extend my knowledge on Interior design and broaden internationally since it was my lack of expertise while focusing on big scale projects for many years. While searching the courses, I found the NDA very professional, flexible and fresh. I needed to complete a course while managing a career and a family with kids. NDA gave me this opportunity. The subjects within the modules, combined with flexibility and study could almost have been designed with me in mind.

In your opinion, what were the most valuable skills you learnt whilst on the course?

As well as gaining advanced presentation and research skills, I was very happy to learn about design blogs, publications, magazines and websites. I could not have known how trends are formed and how innovative technologies can be adapted to interior design schemes if I had not studied with the NDA. I also had the opportunity to become a student member of BIID (British Institute of Interior Design) to build my network and update my knowledge during my studies.

What will you be doing, once you finish your course?

I will be graduating at the beginning of this summer and I am already using my newfound skills. Whilst studying, I have founded my own company, DD-Box (Design Development Box) in Istanbul. I aim to form interdisciplinary collaborations with expert teams and to contribute new perspectives to spaces while integrating the experience I have gained in the fields of real estate, construction, and design. DD-Box offers a flexible structure to provide personalised services in design management, real estate development, architectural concept, interior architecture and implementation for a wide range of properties, such as residences, restaurants, cafes, shopping malls, offices, hospitals, museums, and art galleries.

NDA: What are your plans for the future?

I would like to apply my knowledge and expertise at a multinational level; DD-Box is performing well with its solution partners in Istanbul. I will be founding a branch office in the UK and I am looking for partnerships.

Would you recommend to someone studying with the National Design Academy? Why?

Of course, I would recommend someone studying with the National Design Academy. Especially if you are an international student, you will be part of a big family and a perfect educational system accredited by well-known institutions. The course will give you new perspectives and self-confidence to achieve your dream career plans. As it has done for me so far.

Below, you can find some images from Rezzan’s latest works that she completed with her partners, Yurdaer Architects. The project is the design and implementation works of the management office of Bomontiada Complex. A historic beer factory, which was built in 1902 in the Bomonti neighbourhood of Istanbul, has undergone a complete renovation and became Bomontiada, a large complex full of restaurants, shops, an art gallery, and a concert hall. Rezzan and her team completed these 800 m2 management offices in December 2016. If you want more information about her company please visit

The National Design Academy would like to thank Rezzan for her participation in this case study and wish her the best success for the future.

If you are interested in studying the NDA MA in Interior Design or any of our other design courses, then please visit our course page to find out more information. Alternatively, email us at or call us on +44(0)1159 123 412.

Rezzan Kurt

Rezzan Kurt

Rezzan Kurt

Rezzan Kurt

Rezzan Kurt

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  1. What an exceptional young woman and an outstanding professional in her field. Her story is a great example for an inspirational life- and career path with an amazing outcome. Best of luck and success!

  2. She is an outstanding role model. She has made us believe that everyone can achieve great heights if they just stick to their dreams. Really inspired.

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