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National Design Academy Graduation – Class of 2017

Graduation Day

Tuesday, 11th July 2017, the National Design Academy (NDA) and our academic partner Staffordshire University, joined to celebrate the Graduation of the Class of 2017.

The ceremony was held at Trentham Gardens, Staffordshire; the beautiful Italian Gardens by the lake being the perfect setting to celebrate the day.

Graduation day is looked forward to by everyone at the National Design Academy and is the highlight of our year. As National Design Academy students had studied for their Interior Design Degrees Online, both British and international students finally had the opportunity to meet their Tutors and each other, face to face.

After visiting the Gowning Room to be fitted for their ceremonial gowns and mortar boards, our students made their way to the main graduation ceremony.

The award ceremony was conducted by Staffordshire University Chancellor Lord Stafford and the Vice Chancellor, Professor Liz Barnes.

National Design Academy Champagne Reception

After the Ceremony, the National Design Academy hosted a Champagne Reception for our amazing graduates and their families and friends.

Pauline Riley, the Academy Director, congratulated graduates from all parts of the world and praised their skills for having managed a career, a family and many other commitments at the same time they were studying for a degree online.

Pauline also announced that there would be progression scholarships available to help all National Design Academy students to progress onto higher levels of study.

There then followed a toast to the amazing success of the Graduating Class of 2017.

Anthony Rayworth, NDA Director of Studies, also praised the exceptional quality of all the graduate projects and presented Alexandra Nicolaidis with the National Design Academy Student of the Year Award for her amazing work with the BA (Hons) Heritage Interior Design.

You can watch the Official NDA Class of 2017 Graduation Ceremony Highlights video here:

Congratulations to the National Design Academy Class of 2017, we wish you every success!

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  1. Such a beautiful ceremony! It is a major milestone in life and should be celebrated accordingly! Best of luck everyone!

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