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National Design Academy Class of 2022

Graduation is such a special time here at the National Design Academy. It’s our opportunity to celebrate the success of so many students who have juggled their family, work and general day-to-day life, working tirelessly to get their degree.

Becoming a qualified interior designer is a huge achievement. Especially as an adult learner. We couldn’t be more proud of our 44 graduating students.

Here is our honour roll of graduating students for Summer 2022.

National Design Academy Graduation: Class of 2022

Riyad Agha

Amy Dean

Sophie Palmer

Alexandra Paul

Karen Riris

Komal Shahazim

Fiona Archer

Roberta Cetin

Elenor Finch

Alison Grace-Gahan

Sally Jrad

Karolina Kulakowska

Helen Moss

Sophia Okolo

Harriet Pickles

Samir Taki

Rebecca Tovey

BA (Hons) Interior Design

Karen Butterfield

Emma Lawrence

Andrea Gramaccia

Chia-Chi Krause

Eleanor Loaring

Manuelito Zambelli

Hannah Clemson

Laura Fisher

Laura Gomez

Jake Henry

Noor Kamal

Charlie Kernick

Quintonice Laufer

Alexandra Lilley

Lucinda Mccorkell

Holly Pleydell

Jane Redfern

Mayra Silva

Chloe White

BA (Hons) Heritage Interior Design

Louise Booyens

Andrew Stuart Sutton


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2 Responses

  1. Congratulations to everyone graduating this summer. I graduated this summer too with the NDA but with Staffordshire University in July.

    1. Many congratulations to you too Diane! Sorry to miss you out of our Honour Roll. We’ll be sure to add any other Staffordshire Graduates too. All the very best for the future.

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