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Multi-functional living – Bedroom to study in a flash!

The modern-day professional needs their world to be highly flexible, adaptable and fast-moving. Everything needs to be done yesterday. Multi-functionalism is a business persons best friend and gadgets like the portable Kruikantoor office and Cabbage Chair, enable proceedings and meeting to be held literally anywhere!

Practice Manager of National Design Academy Private Clients, James Pilling demonstrates how easy  multi-functionalism is to achieve, and gives a whole new meaning to “doing business in the bedroom”. In a few hours James had transformed this luxury apartment in Nottingham from a plush designer bedroom into functional office space. Easy as that! Have a look at the before and after pictures to see the difference.

James also runs a variety of interior design workshops for students at The National Design Academy – specialists in Interior Design distance learning courses. For more information about what you can achieve with the NDA visit

All photographs by Liam Kerrigan


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