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Modern Hotel Design: The Other House

In this week’s quick read we’re looking at modern hotel design, a key module of our BA (Hons) Interior Design programme. The Other House is a ground-breaking project currently underway to turn a heritage building in London into one of the world’s finest lifestyle experiences. 

Innovation in Hotel Design

Designing a hotel is one of the most daunting and challenging projects of an interior designers career. This is one of the reasons Hotel Design features prominently on our Interior Design degree. Even if you’re starting from scratch with a brand new building, the challenges are numerous. Designers need to mix functionality with a jaw-dropping scheme which will also stand the test of time. Even the large hotel groups can’t afford to be updating their interiors as new trends come in. There’s also the responsibility on hotel owners to use sustainable products and interior designers will be challenged to find products and materials which have solid eco-credentials whilst being durable and aesthetically pleasing.

The designers of The Other House in London also have another consideration – working with a heritage building. Interior Design practice Bergman Design House and architects Falconer Chester Hall are working on this exciting hotel design which is set to open in 2022. 

From the inspiration behind the interior schemes to the development of a basement spa with natural light, this great video from Hotel Designs goes behind the scenes to show how the hotel is taking shape.

The concept behind The Other House is to provide a home from home for visitors, i.e “I’m going to stay at the Other House“. The development consists of 200 self-contained flats and duplex apartments with the highest levels of luxurious facilities which must all make use of sustainable design principles. It’s a private club meets serviced apartment for modern leisure and business travellers who still value luxury hotel facilities like a spa, bar and concierge. 

Owner and CEO Naomi Heaton explained to – “We take a sustainable approach to renovating existing buildings and (are) committed to making a positive impact on the community, our employees and the environment. We will be using, for example, recyclable packaging, healthy, sustainably produced food and British made furniture”. 

We can’t wait to see this hotel design take shape but for now you can see the beautiful renders created by Marie Soliman from Bergman Design House. 

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