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Minimalism: An Enduring Design Trend

Minimalism, an enduring trend of the age

Half a century has passed since minimalism made its first appearance as an artistic movement.  Today it is still one of the most enduring trends of the age.  One which has solidly cemented itself as an established go to aesthetic within architecture and interior design. 

Despite the obvious formality and sometimes severity, living spaces that adhere to the parameters of this well-known movement, continue to possess a particular contemporary nature, which evokes both a youthfulness and avant-garde nature.

Minimalist Design Blog 1 - JohnPawson (Pinterest)Source: Pinterest

There have been many theories over the years as to where it originates, some connecting it to an abstract reaction at the end of the industrial period.  However, the most commonly held view is that it is of Eastern influence, in particular, that of Japanese culture and aesthetic.

There are many aspects of minimalism that can be seen within the work of those connected to the Bauhaus School of Art and Design, significantly through the work of one of its Directors, Ludwig Mies van Rohe.  His design for the Barcelona Pavilion and the furniture designed to furnish it, are quiet often sighted by many, as the inspiration for numerous minimalist interiors.

Minimalist Design Blog 6 - JohnPawson (Ake ESon Lindman)Source: Ake E:son Lindman via John Pawson

Most recently, it is a style that has been adopted by those looking to create an interior sanctuary, particularly within the bedroom.  As we see from a number of the examples selected below, it is a design and an aesthetic that naturally lends itself to creating a space of quiet, contemplative reflection, a chance to shut out the world, switch off and take time in the ever increasingly busy world to be mindful of our own wellbeing.

John Pawson

Minimalist Design Blog 4 - JohnPawson (

John Pawson is regularly recognised as a leading exponent of minimalism, his designs are considered the very epitome of the aesthetic.  Pawson will often use a combination of bare walls and wood finishes as seen here.

Minimalist Design Blog 5 - JohnPawson (Ake ESon Lindman)Source: Ake E:son Lindman via John Pawson

He is also not afraid to combine fine details with fines that might not be considered beautiful, such as the concrete seen in this image.

Minimalist Design Blog 7 - JohnPawson (Ake ESon Lindman)Source: Ake E:son Lindman via John Pawson

John Pawson creates spaces that completely embody the very idea of contemplative spaces.  This bedroom entirely captures what people pursue in their idea of minimalist bedroom space.

Minimalist Design Blog 9 - JohnPawson (Ake ESon Lindman)Source: Ake E:son Lindman via John Pawson

Claudio Silvestrin

Minimalist Design Blog 11 - Claudio Silvestrin (barlozzini)Source: Barlozzini

Another well-known proponent of the minimalist style is the architect, Claudio Silvestrin.  He, like Pawson is someone that is very methodical about the finishes that he uses.  An example of this can be seen in this image, where everything is entirely white.

Minimalist Design Blog 12 - Claudio Silvestrin (Pinterest)Source: Pinterest

Sometimes a bedroom interior can benefit from the impact of a single colour, here you can see the use of a black panelling on the wardrobe wall.  This makes for a striking but not intimidating space.

Minimalist Design Blog 15 - Claudio Silvestrin (Pinterest)Source: Pinterest

One of Silvestrin’s most recent works was working in collaboration with Kanye West.  Within this image, you can really see the skill and execution of creating the perfect space.  Creating simplicity such as this, requires a true understanding of the style.

Minimalist Design Blog 13 - Claudio Silvestrin Kanye (Vogue)Source: Vogue

Minimalist Design Blog 14 - Claudio Silvestrin Kanye (Vogue)Source: Vogue

Give Minimalism a Chance

Many of the examples that have been discussed, demonstrate how effective minimalism can be when creating a space of simplistic form.  Hopefully we will have inspired you to consider your own spaces and have the confidence to embrace a style that has long been seen as cold and unforgiving, however as we have shown here, they are quite often a true representation of sheer luxury.

Minimalist Design Blog 16 - Claudio Silvestrin (Design-Milk)Source: Design Milk

Do you love or loath the minimalist look?

Thanks for reading!


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