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Student of the Month – Maxine Rebbitt

Maxine Rebbitt has been chosen as our student of the month for March due to her consistent level of effort and quality through the Garden Design skills course, made especially evident with her latest work; an excellent planting plan for the module Selecting Plant Types for Garden Design.

About Maxine’s Course

NDA’s Diploma in Garden Design Skills is fully validated by AIM Awards.

The Diploma in Garden Design Skills is one of the more popular qualifications here at the National Design Academy. This diploma allows students a platform to build on their love for garden design whilst increasing their academic and practical skills and knowledge. The Diploma in Garden Design Skills begins with an overview of garden types, explaining how garden design has evolved over centuries into its current form. External factors such as social and economic considerations that have shaped this development are looked at in detail in order to establish a solid foundation from which to progress through the course.

The Diploma in Garden Design Skills will also allow students a base to progress on to the BA (hons) Design for Outdoor Living that is validated by Staffordshire University.

What Maxine’s Tutor Says…

“Maxine has shown great consistency and focus throughout the course so far and as her latest planting plan submission for unit 6 shows, it is not only the effort required, but Maxine’s refinement of thought and attention to detail, creating a planting scheme that is excellent in both its composed design and it’s easy to read, but extremely characterful drawing approach.

Well done and best of luck with your studies.”

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