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The Mandala symbol

The hottest home and interior design trends have now been launched and the Mandala symbol is set to be big during 2017.

Mandala symbol trend

There are various meanings for the word “mandala” including circle, disc and oval and is the spiritual and ritual symbol in both Hindu and Buddhist cultures. In many religions, this symbol can be used for meditation as well as concentration and represents the seven charkas.

Interior Design Trend

Here are 4 ways in which you can introduce a spiritual influence into your home.

1. Wall stencils 

A wide and varied range of Mandala stencils are available allowing you to create your very own feature wall.  Try pattern repeating with the template, to create more of an impact experiment with different colours.  Alternatively, for a subtle 3D effect try using the stencil in the corner of the room in a bold single colour to help zones an area.

Mandala trend - Wall stencil

2. Furniture

Create your own tranquil bedroom with this alternative beautifully carved headboard and matching bedside cabinets featuring the Mandala design. To keep the room looking light, fresh and modern, bedding should be simple, preferably white. Throws and cushions are a good way of adding in colour, patterns and textures.

Also, Mega Interiors have a new collection of Credenza made in quality solid Javanese Teak finished with a melamine Lazuur coating. 

Mandala trend - furniture

3. Flooring

This hand tufted rug available from The Rug Seller (From £139) is not only a beautiful composition of patterns and colours, it’s a great way to add comfort and warm to a seating or dining area. If

If rugs are not your thing, why not try stenciling your own design onto floorboards, or take this outside and add interest to a boring decking or patio area.

Mandala trend - Floor

4. Accessories

Accessories are an inexpensive and effective way of changing an interior space or general look of a room whilst allowing you to stay up to date with the latest trends.

Mandala trend - accessories

This bohemian style floor cushion has been handmade by artisans in Sanganer, Rajasthan, a region famous for its textile printing industry. The perfect way to introduce extra seating that’s fun and funky. Great for indoors or why not use multiple cushions to create relaxed lounging in the garden during the warm summer months.

Changing your dinner wear is a great way of making meal times and entertaining more interesting and visually appealing. These beautiful ceramic bowls have been made by Lara Z Ceramics. Lara has become known for her mandala-designed earthenware ceramics.

“I have always been fascinated by the Hindu and Buddhist symbolism of the ‘mandala’, which represents wholeness: a cosmic diagram organised around a unifying centre. I view each functional work of art as a reminder of my relation to infinity.”

Handmade on the wheel, each vessel is painted and skillfully hand carved before being fired and then glazed. The designs are spontaneous creations making each piece very unique.

What do you think about this new Interior Design trend?



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  1. Gorgeous Interior design, I like it. Now i am gona show you best interior design accessories for home decor.

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