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The lost art of sketching

SketchSketchWith the rise of technology within the creative industry, sketching has become a lost art. There is a belief that computer software is the fastest and easiest way to present your ideas. However, this is not necessarily always true. Imagine this scenario, you have created a client brief, produced a presentation board and CAD visuals of what you think the client wants and needs. You arrive at the client’s property, whether it is a private home or commercial space. You show the client your ideas, ideas which you believe to be your best work. And what does the client say? ‘I don’t like it’. At this stage you can give up, look unprofessional and lose business or you can brush yourself off, adapt and quickly sketch an idea onto a scrap of paper taking the clients comments on board. 

Sketching also becomes extremely useful when explaining your ideas to a client. Not everyone has the mind of a designer. You can collate images and produce technical drawings, and the client may  still not understand your suggestions. The ability to think fast and produce a rough 3D sketch of a space will be invaluable in this instance as you will be able to show the client your ideas without returning back to your studio to knock up a 3D CAD visual, leaving the client unsure about your ability.

Sketching is also a great way of jotting down your own ideas. Even the best designers can suffer from ‘writer’s block’, so it is really important to make a record of your ideas as and when they come to you.  You may see something on the train to work in the morning which inspires you or an idea may come to you in the middle of the night. Having a sketchbook and pencil to hand at all times means these ideas can be quickly noted without you having to find a computer with the relevant software installed.


There are many techniques when it comes to sketching, sometimes they might be realistic, sometimes abstract. Different mediums can be used to create different line styles and techniques. However you decide to work, sketches can be very personal, much like a visual diary. With practise you will find a technique which suits you. Buy a sketch book, have a go and whatever you do please do not ever say these 3 words… ‘I can’t draw’.


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