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I was recently contacted by a company who have just released a new product to the UK market and wanted to send me some samples. I of course said yes please! The box arrived and it was enormous, with lots of goodies inside this is what was included.


This is an interesting new product, whether or not you would use it as an interior designer is personal choice, I’ll admit that it’s not for everyone. Liquid wallpaper is an interesting concept, the website states that it is easy to apply, environmentally friendly as it is made from recycled fibres and only needs water to be added. Looking at the website is it clear that this is still a fairly new company but Silcotex seem to be the only UK distributer of this material so it could be the start of something as the cost of this product even including installation is very reasonable. Looking at the samples I have been given there are lots of different options; some remind me of handmade paper that we used to make in art lessons.

Wallpaper samples_small


However, some of the samples could even be a cheaper alternative to high-end textured wallpapers such as Brian Yates’s Mica range. 


This covering definitely makes a bold statement and for the more adventurous clients and designers it would make a very practical option as it has no chemicals, can be used on any wall and will not show up imperfections in the plaster. Unlike normal wallpaper, it can even be touched up when required by the home-owner themselves. This material is applied with a trowel like plaster rather than being hung like wallpaper resulting in  a smooth finish with no joins or seams.


There does seem to be a few small projects where this product has been used in the UK, however it is only now coming into the public eye so it is important to make sure as interior designers you keep up to date on new materials which can be suggested to clients, perhaps this is one to add to your sample library.The company do have a few show rooms that you can visit to get more of an idea of the finished product. Their website shows they have one in the Bradford area with some interesting sample displays.

samples walls

They are also going to be exhibiting at Grand Designs live so make sure to have a look and judge for yourself if you’re planning a visit. A new product on the market is always something to research; whether this is a product which creates a high end aesthetic is something quite subjective.  Do you think it achieves this?



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8 thoughts on “Liquid Wallpaper

  • Hi, I remember seeing this project at grand designs live a couple of years ago. I took samples as I found it interesting but when I checked it out online there website didn’t inspire me. However from the images i see here I am more interested and would love any freebies or more info you could send me. I may try to use it in my current brief (Ass8 Apartment) and also will look into using it in my home in the future. I am designing my office extention at current, it maybe I loook at using it in there.


    Katie Fowler

    • Your right there website is a little in need of investment; but the product is good. I have used it where i did not want to re plaster and it has done a great job, and always gets a comment when someone new visits the house. I have used in my living room using 2 different colours, i have a purple i have used on one wall acting as a bed head; i have used in my loft as you can even apply it to chipboard. one down side is the puppy likes eating it! postage is also a bit slow, when you pay almost half of a one bag in postage you expect it by the time you click buy, but it is sent second last no doubt to make a few more penny’s. personally i would rather it cost more a turned up quickly

  • Hi,

    I bought liquid wallpaper online, called silk plaster. The quality is superior, I published several photos on instagram.It looks awesome.

  • If this product is similar to the original one (Sayjade) I used back in 1980, and Wema (which is available from Germany, but has very limited colour choice) then it will be very easy to apply, and has good insulation properties. I used it in my half tiled bathroom which has two exterior walls and was very prone to condensation.

  • Dear Caroline Driffin,

    I like your post and decided to write you and your followers my words about liquid wallpaper. We are using styrofoam and fibre as raw materials here (Turkey/Istanbul). Also we add our mixture/gel to get more clear colors. People are using liquid wallpaper for wall decoration, heat and sound insulation too. Do you know that we got %55 heat insulation results by using the liquid wallpaper? It is amazing! Pattern designs and colors are unlimited, so that is what i like most. Another thing is the affordable prices. 1 m² cost only 7 TL (less than 2€) and it moves people to review the product. Many people are still haven’t noticed about the liquid wallpaper but when they see, they want it on their walls 😉

  • Hmm, I can see how that would be a problem. I would agree with Gabrielle, but that could be a bit costly. If you have a room that has no wallpaper in it, perhaps confine her in there for a day or so with everything she needs, including a scratching post. There a few risks though, such as she will not like it and may give you the cold shoulder a few days afterward. Confining her will be my biggest suggestion if she were an inside cat, but if you want, you can make her an outside cat.

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