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Jamie Oliver’s Italian cave of toilets

Yesterday evening, after a busy day, the NDA team went to the new Jamie’s Italian restaurant in Nottingham. Our PR Executive had been very impressed with the one in London and was curious how the Notts branch would compare – food and interior wise!

When we arrived we had a great surprise and were all amazed by the high ceilings, Victorian colour scheme, and our favorite part – the toilets!!! Click to see more!

The food and service were outstanding, but these toilets topped the evening. They were extraordinary, raw and mysterious all in one. I bet you’re all thinking we’ve gone mad! But you must judge a place by its toilets, – beautiful loo’s equals a winning restaurant! Everyone scarpered to have a look!

As you opened the heavy wooden door, you were faced with bare stone walls and tiny spiral steps you’d expect to find in the underground tunnels of a castle. You had to walk down the steps very carefully, and when the iron door to the toilets opened, it reveal a labyrinth of small coves with doors labelled “F” for female and “M” for male. The toilet suites were from non other than Thomas Crapper, the famous Yorkshire born plumber – Just a beautiful antique touch!


Above the head were ancient arches and in the walls held vintage wine bottles encased in a wired cage. They had even exposed one of the original tunnels which looked like it went on forever. No person could walk down it unfortunately as they’d padlocked the glass doors. What a fantastic idea to expose the original caves and preserve the raw materials of the building, it was certainly a sight to see!

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