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Interior Design for Small Spaces

Sometimes, the thought of designing a small space can be daunting. However, this need not be the case as there are many clever ways in which you can create a beautiful room in your home, without the need for a large budget. Here are a few ways you can create fantastic designs without sacrificing valuable space.


Clever storage is essential for any small space. The key is to define which areas of the space are unused and decipher the best way to transform it into storage. This could include shelving above doorways, corner units above counter cabinets and under bed drawers. Old cardboard and plastic boxes covered with paper or paint can be tailored to your room scheme and easily placed on shelves or under beds. Sliding wardrobes are great for bedrooms with limited space that cannot accommodate a regular door.

Be creative with it; if you cannot find what you are looking for from retailers, it may well be worth sourcing a reputable carpenter to make the right size storage for your space.

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Everyone knows that light coloured spaces seem larger. However, the issue here is weighing up the pros of a room looking larger, versus the cons of having a potentially dull space. If you are dealing with a really small space such as a bathroom, then sometimes the focus is better spent on making the décor lively and interesting. Do not sacrifice your colour palette for the sake of space that simply is not there. Even a single wall in a bright colour adds interest without being overwhelming. If you are not feeling brave enough to have bright colours on the walls or ceiling; then keep these neutral and go for key items in bright colours like storage units and accessories. 

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Using mirrors has to be one of the first tactics that comes to mind when we think of increasing the perception of space in a room. At the budget end of the scale you can buy standalone wall mirrors in all manner of sizes, to suit any scheme. In recent years there have been massive developments with mirrors for interior design and the use of mirrors as wall coverings has become increasingly popular. Smoked and antiqued mirror reflects light without the glare when used in brightly lit rooms and are ideal in a living space or bedroom. If mirrors aren’t a feasible option for your room, high gloss elements are another way to increase the amount of light reflected in the space. In a kitchen, high gloss tiles on walls and floors or high gloss kitchen cabinets will increase the overall brightness and make the room feel fresher.

project-bedroom-marbled diamond-antique-mirror red-gloss

Vertical Space

Work upwards! If floor space is an issue and you need to keep as much as possible free, consider furniture that has a greater height than depth.

Vertical storage is an easy one to incorporate into most spaces, and is a great way to display objects as well as freeing up floor space. The range of vertical storage items available on the market is vast; from cheaper items such as ladder shelves which can easily fit into a small corner, to bespoke floor to ceiling units that cover an entire wall. If the budget permits, a bespoke floor to ceiling storage unit can look spectacular and creates a real focal point.

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Using vertical space does not end with storage. Elevated beds tend to have a ‘kids only’ reputation, but many designers working on tiny apartments in cities where property is extremely expensive have been using them for years. Creating a mezzanine level to house the sleeping quarters of a home frees up space underneath for anything from a dining space to a hallway. This depends on ceiling height of course; if there is not enough space to warrant a mezzanine level, simply elevating the bed allows for a seating area or workspace underneath. Even the stairs could be made hollow and turned in to storage units.

E-Village-Studio-loft-bed-582x458 loft-bed-integrated-interior 29m-space-saving-apartment2

This is by no means an exhaustive list; there are many other ways to transform a small space into something fantastic. Do not be afraid to take risks and of course, have fun with it!

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