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Interior Design Course FAQ Week!

This week we’ll be answering your burning questions about the National Design Academy and all the interior design courses offered to help students and prospective students wanting to study with us, understand how we work and how to get the best out of our courses.
If you have any questions you desperately want answering please don’t hesitate to put them in the comment box at the bottom of the post.
Q1: “Although my last module has now been marked, I still can’t see the next module which I am keen to start as soon as possible?”
A1: If you can’t see the next module details then its is because you have not done your feedback on the past module yet. What you need to do is check your inbox for the message that was sent to you on the VLS to confirm receipt of your last module for submission.You then need to fill in the feedback part of this message and send this back to us before the next module will be automatically released.

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