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Inspiration from Kit Miles — Wallpaper, textile and interior surface design

Interior designers depend on a host of niche and specialist designers to create options, inspired products and finishes when completing an interior. New and emerging designers are always rising and often bring an injection of emerging trends, technologies, skills and techniques that can influence and impact the market.

Kit Miles is a great example of a newer designer who welcomes traditional techniques and contemporary approaches to produce memorable designs. As an interior surface designer Miles is making a creative mark and impression in the world of interiors. Miles uses a range of techniques and skills ranging from photoshop, pencil, paint brush, UV screen printing and digital printing. There is a clear appreciation from Miles to remain connected to the result and use whatever tool and technique necessary to achieve the final result.

“With inspiration ranging from surrealism to the baroque – His meticulous attention to detail and ground breaking approach to textile design offer a glimpse into a new reality”. (Mockbee and co 2015)

The Kit Miles Studio was founded by Kit Miles in 2011 after his completion of his MA in textile design at the Royal College of Art. The studio quickly gained international interest and exposure once the quality, draughtsmanship and vivid style was framed within a range of striking printed surface designs.

“The studios ability to render fine and at times surrealist imagery have enabled Miles to form a unique language of design, under the core ethos that freedom to evolve and re-form is ever present in the application of marks onto paper.” (Miles 2016)

Biophillia — High Colour

kit miles biphilia high colour

The Overlook

kit miles the overlook

Armchair in Biophillia — Velvet

armchair in biophillia

Diagonal Gradient — Magentas with Ochre & Blues and Lapis

kit miles diagonal gradient

Continuing with success and recognition, it is no surprise to learn that Kit Miles has been awarded the 2016 prize for best new designer at this year’s Homes and Gardens designer awards. The ‘Ecclesiastical Botanical’ wallpaper was awarded for its unique approach to colour, scale and imagery. Barbara Chandler says “This designer’s work is characterised by stunning detail and jewel-like colours that are thanks to old and new technologies” (Miles 2016). Designs are also stocked in Liberty London.

Ecclesiastical Botanical — Rouge over duck egg blues and golds

kit miles ecclesiastical botanical

Liberty Stock

kit miles liberty stock

From development to delivery each design is executed celebrating a range of skill, beauty and striking creativity. No doubt the Kit Miles Studio will continue to be responsible for many moments of awe, imprinting inspiration and rendering unique imagination into reality.


Biophillia – High Colour 

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The Overlook

Miles (2016) The Overlook [online image] available from [accessed 19.4.16]

Armchair in Biophillia – Velvet

Miles (2016) Armchair in Biophillia [online image] [accessed 19.4.16]

Diagonal Gradient – Magentas with Ochre and Diagonal Gradient – Blues and Lapis

Miles (2016) Diagonal Gradient [online image] [accessed 19.4.16]

Ecclesiastical Botanical – Rouge over duck egg blues and golds

Miles (2016) Ecclesiastical Botanical [online image] [accessed 19.4.16]

Liberty stock

Miles (2016) Liberty Stock [online image] [accessed 19.4.16]



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