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Inside M Social Hotel: Beast and Butterflies

In June 2016 Philippe Starck debuted a new hotel called M Social in the Robertson Quay area in Singapore. Starck explains “M social is where all the elements of the world – including creativity, humour and love – come together in an explosion of energy to create the joy of today’s and tomorrow’s world. To me, it is a stage dedicated to creative people”.

Inside M Social Hotel: Beast and Butterflies

M Social Hotel

M Social boasts 293 rooms, a restaurant and rooftop pool along with a variety of innovative features creating a perfect platform for the creative. With an interplay of friendship, community and new experiences this hotel offers the best whilst remaining affordable, appealing to those with a millennial persuasion.

Beast and Butterflies Restaurant

This lifestyle design hotel hosts the Beast and Butterflies restaurant. The press release states that at the Beast and Butterflies restaurant an extraordinary universe of community and conviviality await. Look up and be wowed by the eight chandeliers recessed into the ceiling. Each is intentionally different from the next to emulate diversity and stimulate creativity.

Inside M Social Hotel: Beast and Butterflies

Beast and Butterflies: Entrance

Along one wall in the restaurant, 40 tablets are mounted and run its length, projecting contemporary artworks. These screens are a conceived as a unique open-source platform of expression and creativity, where artists from all around the world can submit their creations to be exhibited.

Inside M Social Hotel: Beast and Butterflies

Tablet wall

The interior includes a plethora of visual interest; black columns running along the restaurant with murals painted by Spanish artist Luis Urcelo invite guests to conceive their own interpretations igniting creativity.

The marble and wooden furnishings, clusters of psychedelic lava lamps, colourful soft furnishings, inspired lighting scheme, infusion of patterns, not forgetting tablets and interactive bar counters with table top screens creates interior sights at every turn.

Inside M Social Hotel: Beast and Butterflies

Bar with table top screens

Inside M Social Hotel: Beast and Butterflies

Interactive Bar Counters



Inside M Social Hotel: Beast and Butterflies

Lava Lamps by day

This experience is heightened by a menu inspired by an ‘opposites attract’ theme. Dining is seen as a meld of Western and Asian influences, creating a new blend of borderless cuisine, reviews shout about the lobster porridge and the range of expertly mixed artisanal cocktails. 

Starck commented, “M Social will be the new and vibrant place in Singapore where elegance, creativity and technology meet to offer a unique experience to our global smart tribe”. The Beast and Butterflies restaurant makes for an eclectic interior merging worlds and presents a unique experience for the millennial, the food lover and the creative.

Inside M Social Hotel: Beast and Butterflies

Bar and dining

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