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‘Infused’ veneer wood panels are a collaborative product designed by artist Rex Ray and manufactured by B&N Industries. Ray’s imaginative patterns and prints range from abstract, handcrafted designs to retro and futuristic print, applied to various materials such as canvas, resin boards and digital prints. Ray’s original designs ensure his work is identifiable, which can be seen amongst clients such as Swatch, DreamWorks and Apple as well as working with celebrities such as David Bowie. Whether these designs have been applied to gallery walls, restaurants, boutique hotels, books or CD covers, Ray’s distinctive talents are infused within the lines of these relief iconic architectural panels.

The graphic applied to each veneer allows the natural warmth of the wood grain to seep through the imagery yet remain subtle in appearance. Therefore, the overall effect ensures that these graphical panels become part of an interior, as if they have matured over time, allowing them to be applied within various projects and styles of design. The finish applied to the veneer is a “low VOC satin with a UV clear coat” to maximise the imagery, colour and graphics as well as compliment the chosen wood grain and colour.


B&N Industries is an innovative design manufacturer that focus on creating systems for retail, architectural and consumer industries. Their ‘green policy’ acts as a foundation to their company ethos allowing them to explore technology and new opportunities as well as enhance environments through design. Their philosophy is built on the balance of three concepts; the balance of sustainable materials, global sourcing of resources and flexible, pragmatic designs.

With a combination of imagery and graphics to create various finished designs, the product range demonstrates versatility, in application and location from classic silhouettes and vintage frames to urban and industrial design, as seen in the examples below.

Image 2    Image 3    Image 4
The infused panels have featured in numerous magazines, from Elle Décor and Dwell to specialist retail and merchandise magazines such as DDI and international magazine Urbis.
The design below represents the infusion and inclusion of colour, taking inspiration from Shanghai cards ‘in colour,’ which was considered slightly ‘risqué’ at the time, the prints now embrace a time of early 20th Century China with suggestions of French colonialism.

Image 5

Because of this revolutionary product B&N Industries has ‘scooped’ an award from the Interior Design Best of Year Awards 2013 in New York on the 5th December. This event brought together over 900 members of the Design and Architecture community in the USA to credit and celebrate the preceding projects and products of 2013, across 90 different categories. B&N industries came first within the ‘Architectural Products’ category for their Infused Veneer Panels.

Image 6

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