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Industry Partner Seminars

Watch this space – NDA are in the process of organising an exciting programme of industry partner seminars to enhance your knowledge of interior design and specific products.

Shaw Contract Group have offered to deliver a seminar on Commercial Carpet ‘Going Beyond the Labels’ which has just been approved by the RIBA as part of the RIBA core curriculum approved material. The objectives of the CPD seminar are to compare and contrast the existing sustainability labels and building rating systems that are used in the UK Construction industry, and to see whether they go far enough when it comes to leading the industry in reducing environmental impact today and for the future.

The seminar covers the three main sustainability schemes or types.

  • Type I, II and III product labelling to ISO 14025
  • Building Rating Schemes such as BREEAM, LEED and Ska
  • Life Cycle Assessment, LCA schemes such as EPD’s ( Environmental Product Declarations)

This is essential knowledge for the interior designer in 2013

The seminar aims to equip you with the information to understand the limitations of existing sustainability labels and to challenge companies so that you are specifying products that just don’t tick boxes but are making a fundamental difference in the way they are made, distributed, installed and de-employed.

Watch this space for further information

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