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Industry Inspiration: Garden Design – Victoria Truman

In the first of our Industry Inspiration series, we’re highlighting the work of the wonderful Victoria Truman. Victoria Truman is an award-winning garden designer, and her projects are the perfect inspiration for the aspiring garden designer.

Victoria Truman: Garden & Landscape Design

Victoria trained at the prestigious English Gardening School in Chelsea in 2011 after identifying the need for more formal training. She then opened Victoria Truman Landscape & Garden Design in 2012. She won the Best Garden and a Gold Medal at the Hampton Court Flower Show in 2016 and the Pro-Landscaper’s Small Project, Big Impact Design & Built Award in 2018.

Victoria’s approach to garden design is holistic. She believes that any outside space should not only represent the taste and needs of the owner but should also reflect and complement the interior of the building. From small and intimate outdoor living spaces to sprawling country mansions, Victoria’s portfolio is packed full of inspiration.

The featured concept boards are taken from the following projects and show materials, textures and plants:

Gentleman’s Retreat

The project brief specified that Victoria use the limited space as creatively as possible. It needed to incorporate screening to turn the courtyard into a secluded and private area for entertaining and relaxing. Victoria used cedar screens which would weather and age naturally without treatment and staining, bring a warmth to the garden boundary. Evergreen jasmines were added to provide scent in summer and colour in winter, with a specimen bay tree as the main feature of the raised bed.

The colour scheme of the Gentleman’s Retreat has been kept minimal to allow the natural materials of cedar and limestone to do the talking. Slate greys are accented by subtle watery blues so as not to overwhelm the simple colour palette of the plants.

One of the things we love about this garden design is Victoria’s appreciation of the transition from inside to outside. The limestone flooring has been continued from the kitchen as an extension of the living space. This garden would be easy to maintain and a great place to unwind or entertain, all year round.  

A Garden Jewel

A dramatic urban escape, this garden design would make you forget that you lived in a city. With living walls and horizontal cladding, this enclosed courtyard feels anything but hemmed in. Elevating the majority of the planting scheme allowed Victoria to make the most of the limited floorspace and the old interior trick of a large mirror makes this garden feel more spacious.

Although an unusual choice for a small garden design, the black cladding adds an urban element which also perfectly compliments the lush greens of tree ferns and the limited palette found within the living wall and raised borders. The elements of colour are permanent – the stunning mural of the toad lily and the jewel-toned soft furnishings of the seating area. A glamourous and artistic garden design which clearly reflects Victoria’s ability to home in on the personality of the owner.

Garden Design & Design for Outdoor Living

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