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Day Two: INDEX Dubai

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It’s our second day exhibiting here in Dubai and we’re in full swing. It’s been great to meet so many people who are as interested and passionate about the National Design Academy as we are. Two of our current students studying our Masters in Interior Design and Diploma in Professional Interior Design were in attendance and came to say Hello.

As with yesterday, it seems that huge numbers have travelled along way to be here today and all enjoying themselves with big smiles too!
In the case of INDEX, design is a common ground for many and brings people together to celebrate and explore the complexity and scope of design. As Rola, our tutor would say “Design is a language between cultures”.

Throughout the exhibition several companies have hosted various seminars and talks with The National Design Academy being one of the speakers in today’s agenda. Rola opened the speech in Arabic,( a welcome surprise for those that attended) and then stood aside for Helen to continue. We had some great comments and the audience seemed genuinely interested (and pleased) about what we had to say.Relief all round!

After the excitement of yesterday and the huge success of our second day, we’re off to rest our feet and recharge our batteries for tomorrow. We can’t wait!

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