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How to develop ideas through sketching

This how-to guide will demonstrate how to develop ideas through sketching.





How to develop ideas through sketching

This video shows an example of a fictitious project that has been developed over the course of a few hours. This is a retail project based on 2 well-known brands; o2 and Orange. They have decided to join together within one retail space but still keep their brand identities separate.

With the rise in internet shopping, emphasis must be placed on giving the customer a unique experience in order to keep the cost of a retail unit viable. Design decisions must be made to keep existing customers engaged with the brands as well as to attract new customers.

This video aims to give you an idea of how to use sketches and develop your ideas, although everyone has a slightly different process and style. How to develop your ideas is always a personal endeavour and there is no right or wrong way to do this.

Move on to the next video to continue to watch the development process for this project.  

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7 Responses

  1. The best video I have seen about development stages through sketches. Hopefully now I will be able to develop my ideas in a better way. Thank you very much.

  2. So pleased to see these videos on development sketches and the blog on sketching and at just a time when I need the inspiration and advice. These skills are being lost to computer generated visuals, it’s such a shame. Thank you NDA, can we have more?!

  3. Very very interesting to see the development through stages of rendering and drawing. This takes skill and practice!! I am interested in Retail Design and want to attend this dynamic Institute.

    1. Hi Deborah, We’re glad you like our how-to guide on sketching. That’s great news that you’re interested in the Retail Design course. If you could email with your details they would be able to give you some more course specific information. Alternatively, you could give our enquiries team a call on 0115 9123 412, they will be more than happy to help. Many Thanks. Amy@NDA

  4. Very very interesting to see the development through stages of rendering and drawing. This takes talent, skill and practice!! Beautiful! I like the different use of colors for the rending.

  5. It was interesting to see how ideas can be developed and refined through sketching. Capturing on paper means that development ideas are not lost in the same way as they might be lost when using digital tools for development. I also liked the idea of doing development sketches on a roll of paper so that the sequence of ideas is not lost.
    Many thanks for posting these.

  6. Great set of Videos.

    I can see the advantage of using one large piece of paper and adding sketches instead of using multiple pages, though I guess the paper will end up being to small !

    Thank you again very useful seeing how the building form was added at the end.

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