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Hauntingly Halloween DIY Crafts 

Grewesome Ghouls

Grewesome Ghouls

⏰ 10-Minute Make | 🎃 3/5 Fright Factor

This is a super little make that will haunt your home during the spooky season. These mini ghouls are great for hanging by your front door, as the ghosts will swing and sway spookily in any breeze. To make them, drape lace-edge table linen napkins, or any other lightweight material over a polystyrene craft ball. Use double-sided tape to keep the material in place. Then, smooth the fabric over the ball to create the face and figure shape. Next, attach a length of fishing line into place with a small stitch at the top of the head and hang it from a ceiling or roof. Now you have a spooky little friend to welcome trick or treaters. For greater effect, you can even make a small group of ghouls. 


Top tip: if you want to make them a little creepier, you can swap out a polystyrene ball for some skulls which adds an extra fright factor! 

Terrifying Taxidermy

Terrifying taxidermy

⏰ 15-Minute Make | 🎃 4/5 Fright Factor

Need something creepy for the mantelpiece this year? Well, this make is prefect for adding some frightening drama. This decoration works great with a glass cloche or even a jar. All you need is a centrepiece item like a fake bird, creepy figure, or spiders are ideal. Place the figure in the centre of the jar or cloche and add some foliage around it. You can use moss, dirt, or even cottonwool cobwebs for that extra eerie feel! 

Wicked Wreaths

Wicked wreaths


⏰ 30-Minute Make | 🎃 2/5 Fright Factor


There are several great scary options for Halloween wreaths from ones adorned with doll heads to autumnal leaves. A Halloween wreath can be a fun ghoulish make, which doesn’t require much effort.Take any standard craft wreath, whatever size you wish.Next collect Halloween items and foliage and decorate the wreath as you wish using hot glue or thread. The weirder the items, the better! Once assembled hang it on your front door and wait to see who the bravest trick or treaters are! 

Potion Bottles 

Potion Bottles

⏰ 15-Minute Make | 🎃 3/5 Fright Factor


This is the perfect time of year to immerse yourself with witch and wizard potions, plus they are an easy make! To make eerie looking potion bottles, collect empty glasses, plastic bottles, or jars. Give them a clean with water and set aside. Next, a quick search online for ‘Halloween bottle labels’, should offer a range of free, printable ideas, which can be cut out and stuck to your bottles. Now you’re ready to fill them with water. Add some food colouring to mix the most frightening potions! 

Top tip: add some toy spiders or snakes onto your bottle to really enhance the creep factor. 

Floating Bats 

Floating Bats

⏰ 20-Minute Make | 🎃 3/5 Fright Factor


If you’re a Harry Potter fan, then you’ll probably love this craft. It certainly adds that ‘Hogwarts’ feeling to your home. This project is simple and requires only a few elements. All you need are two inexpensive items which are black card and fishing wire. Next, cut out bat shapes from the card and thread the bat heads with the wire. Once threaded, you can hang the bats from your ceiling. For greater effect, you can add a glow stick behind the bats to create a foreboding spooky glow. 


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