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Graduation Ceremony 2011

Graduation Ceremony 2011! Well, what a fantastic day! The sun was shining and everyone looked fantastic in their gowns. Held at the picturesque Trentham Gardens in the Staffordshire countryside, this years graduation was a huge success. 

The atmosphere was buzzing and smiles filled the marque, especially when the champagne bar opened! Academy Director, Pauline Riley delivered a moving speech to the graduates saying, “You’ve all worked extremely hard, this is your day and you deserve it, congratulations.”

Then it was time for pictures! The graduates all squeezed in together and posed for the camera, lifting their glasses and shouting cheers with excitement.

The ceremony followed, where graduates did the walk of honour across the stage and shook the hand of Staffordshire University’s Chancellor, Lord Bill Morris of Handsworth. Friends, family and NDA staff made a huge roar for every graduate in celebration of their success.

Former Vice Chancellor of Staffordshire University, Christine King came along to the event, showing her support for NDA graduates. Christine will be the first chair person of the new NDA Foundation, a “not for profit” organisation.

Academy Director Pauline Riley and Christine King

You can also go onto our Facebook page to see more pictures from the days event and visit our website to download the Graduation 2011 newsletter and honour roll.

Congratulations to you all and we can’t wait for next year!

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