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Easter Challenge: Model Making for Interior Design

With the launch of our new podcast this week we are delving into the world of Easter and the importance of model making. Can’t see the connection? Well, keep reading…

Easter decor

Easter Interior Décor Ideas

At this time of year our attention turns to Easter and we have been talking all things chocolate, bunnies and trends. Whatever you think of seasonal trends there’s no way of getting away from them. Whether it’s a seasonal wreath, table decorations or the latest school project, retailers and designers alike are full of helpful suggestions this Easter.

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If you’re looking to create the perfect Easter interior, there are plenty of ideas around to keep you busy this April. Painted eggs, flower arrangements, bright table décor and Easter themed garlands, there are lots of Easter interior projects you, and your children, can make at home. And that’s without tackling the concept of a sock bunny gnome! The sock bunny gnome is a take on the Scandinavian Christmas gnome known as “Tomte” in Swedish, or “Nisser” in Norway –  a symbol of welfare and protection, but with ears.

Egg Scenes

Here at The National Design Academy, we have been thinking about how we can celebrate Easter in our own way. Rather than sticking with the traditional Easter bonnet, this year we are making egg scenes. These are taking the internet by storm, with the outcomes ranging from cute to downright dark. Painting eggs is a tradition dating back as far as the 13th century, where eggs were forbidden food during the period of lent. So as not to waste the eggs, these would be painted and used as decoration. Although rooted in tradition we have moved on from the basic painting of eggs to create something more nativity-esque, and the children of the medieval period would no longer recognise their beloved seasonal craft.

Keep an eye out on our social media to see what we’ve created and vote for your favourite!

What Have Eggs Scenes Got to Do with Interior Design?

There is a serious point to our recent creative endeavour. Creating models in a skill that all good designers should have in their arsenal. It is not only important from a design development point of view but can be hugely helpful when exploring ideas with a client. The ability to be able to visually see inside a space and place yourself within a 3-dimensional concept is invaluable and will give you an appreciation you cannot get from a 2-dimensional drawing. With the development in technology, it could be argued that digital model will suffice, however much like technical drawing, understanding the theory before putting your ideas into practise is vital to help you develop your skills to the highest level.

Your choice of material will be key when making models whether developmental or as part of a final presentation. Often white card will allow you to explore the form of a space before starting to consider colour, finish or texture. This will also allow you to explore light, how this reacts with the space as well as the light and shade this would create in actuality. However, exploring materiality is another great benefit of model making. If a particular material is integral to your concept, use this process to explore how this material might react within the confides of the space.

Once you have created a model, this can be used to further aid development. Take photographs, whilst still exploring light. A torch is a create tool for this, but do consider where the natural light would fall based on the location and orientation of your site. Once you have images, printing these off and drawing over the top is a great way to further develop your ideas.

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Model making should be fun, and we definitely had fun creating our egg scenes. We are already planning our next challenge – book nooks, just another excuse to get our scalpel blades and cutting mats out. Once you have the bug, it’s hard to image the development process without model making. Careers can be built upon it, not only in interior and product design, but as we have seen from the recent Channel 4 show, The Great Big Tiny Design Challenge, the creation of miniatures including doll’s houses is a pastime worthy of any aspiring creative.

The Big Easter Challenge

We challenged our tutors and creative team to test their model making skills this Easter and create an ‘Egg Scene’. Let us know your favourite over on Instagram!

If you’ve been inspired, why not challenge your friends or work with you family to create your own egg scene? Share you pictures with on social media using #myNDAday

Learn More About Model Making with SkillsLab

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