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Dulux’s Colour of Year 2019 Palettes

At the start of September, we showed you the Dulux Colour of the Year 2019, presented by the Creative Director of Dulux UK, Marianne Shillingford. Marianne is a great friend of the National Design Academy and was kind enough to not only inform us of ‘Spiced Honey’, but to show us all the ways that this colour can be used.

Dulux say that Spiced Honey captures their ‘let the light in’ theme. It is considered “calm and nourishing, or stimulating and energising depending on the light”. And we couldn’t agree more! The versatility of Spiced Honey is its biggest strength, as it can be adapted and used to tell a variety of different stories. And Dulux have encapsulated these stories into varying palettes, all using Spiced Honey.


The Think Palette

In today’s ever-changing climate, both politically and socially, it’s so important that we take time to think. To completely relax, find clarity and know our own truth. The Think home is a place of utter clarity and calmness. A place where its inhabitants are free to be themselves. When used in this way, Spiced Honey becomes modern and contemporary. It’s a brilliant combination of both hotel chic, with the warmth of one’s home. Cosy and comfortable, with no distractions allowing the mind to settle. The other colours featured in the Think palette include rich and stimulating shades, both earthy and intense. And the graphic black and white add a sharpness to the palette. A great compliment to this palette would be polished woods and graphic rugs. Both accessories will emphasise the honey-hued Colour of the Year.


The Dream Palette

There is nothing more powerful than the ability to hope and dream. To become lost in the moment, allowing your thoughts to lead the way, is a beautiful aspect of being human. And the Dream home aims to encompass this feeling. In today’s modern society, we’re forever wading through a to do list that never seems to end, or trying to process the sometimes stressful world of social media. In the Dream home, we want our customers to be able to let go and surrender to serenity. It’s in our most quiet and peaceful moments that our best ideas can come to us. By welcoming back our inner child and exploring the world through our passions, we can become connected to our true selves.

The Dream palette is soft and warm, yet completely age appropriate for today’s modern adult. The task is to bring the calmness one felt in their childhood room to the here and now. The romantic and calming hues in the palette work perfectly with the sophisticated Spiced Honey, the Colour of the Year for 2019.

A great compliment to this palette would be pale woods and simple, hand-made vessels.


The Love Palette

Whilst conducting trend research, Dulux discovered the high levels of isolation and loneliness found in today’s society. As the connection via technology is emphasised, this lack of genuine human connection is having a large negative effect on our mental well-being. To combat this, many people are fighting against the digital space and choosing to make physical memories with their loved ones, such as family and friends. Investing in a human relationship is such a fulfilling experience and is incredibly important. Through small acts of kindness, as a society we can enrich the lives of others. The Love Palette aims to reflect this notion of togetherness and warmth. The concept of an ‘open house’ is the main inspiration behind this palette. The Love house intends to be one open to all, a place to make incredible memories.

The palette is warm and inviting, meaning that a great accessory to this palette could be lush plants. The warmest of the 2019 palettes, wooden furniture and botanical prints are the go to finishing touch. Again, all whilst sitting with Dulux’s Colour of the Year, Spiced Honey.


The Act Palette

The final palette from Dulux’s 2019 series is the Act Palette. In today’s evermore troubling climate, many individuals are deciding that they must act in order to seek out justice and fairness. They are simply tired of those in charge either ignoring or choosing to not take action. Thus, ordinary people are choosing to stand up and make their voices heard. Starting from a grass-roots levels, the movement is a positive one. Charged with energy and passion. Small acts can make a big difference, whether that’s reducing our dangerous plastic consumption to help the environment or partaking in a local protest against a political policy that doesn’t sit right. Our most exciting plans for action can come from the home, meaning that our homes need to have a palette to inspire these feelings. This is exactly what the Act Palette aims to achieve.

Your home’s four walls are the first to hear an idea, to see a spark forming. The inhabitants of an Act home are passionate and brave, but still fun and uncomplicated. The playful pops of red and green are vivid and bright, passionate and fun. Doubled with the warm and inviting nature of Spiced Honey, the Act home will be completed by reclaimed furniture which has been personalised by the current inhabitants and vintage rugs. A home to inspire action.


Which palette is your favourite?

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