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Design Museum

188What is British Design? How might Britain look in the next 20 years? Why is the experience of being in some cities across the world so different to others? In an increasingly universal community, how can design preserve a resilient cultural character and identity?

Design museum: Design Factory 2013/2014

The Design Museum have asked that we remind students that the deadline to register for the Design Museum’s annual interdisciplinary project for BA design students has been extended to Monday 11thNovember 2013.

The Brief

“Designing Identity: Protect, Reflect or Re-shape?”

This design brief considers some substantial questions and promises provoking and thought-provoking results. The core objective of this brief is to encourage thoughtful and astonishing designs that generate a new visualisation of the UK.

To find out more details please visit:

Registration Details

Registration costs just £10 per student and will include the following:

  • 2 tickets to visit the museum
  • Professional written feedback on the submissions of all long listed students
  • Participation in a designer-led symposium for short listed students

Best of luck from everyone at the National Design Academy!

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