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Decorex 2011 Report

Our very own Interior Design Practice Manager, James Pilling, gives us his views and highlights of this year’s Decorex International exhibition.
Situated within the grounds of the world renowned Royal Hospital Chelsea, the Decorex exhibition showcased a selection of the finest interior related products from around the world.
This year’s show was enhanced by the unusually pleasant weather for late September. There was an upbeat atmosphere and an encouraging sense of community. The relative stability of the higher end markets was evident in the optimism, warmth and generosity of the suppliers.
Living Wall, Andrew Dunning
A short walk from the bustling Sloane Square was the main entrance, which was connected seamlessly to the leafy surroundings by a colourful ‘living wall’ by Andrew Dunning.
Nicky Haslam & Colette van den Thillart ‘Cherished Places’
International Interior Design celebrity Nicky Haslam and Colette van den Thillart of NH design were responsible for producing the much anticipated foyer area for this year’s theme of ‘Cherished Places’. The result was a controversial, surreal fantasy, combining fashion, theatre and interior design.
This year’s exhibition was most engaging and enjoyable; advances in manufacturing technology have inspired a fascinating new breed of decorative, functional products. Many suppliers were showcasing inspiring creations using some of the following processes:
1. LED
The led revolution has had a massive impact on lighting design; the minute light sources, which produce very little heat, can be discretely embedded in slender housings resulting in refreshingly elegant, almost ethereal forms.
2. Acid etching
A number of exquisite items had been produced using the acid etching process, this technique is useful for creating fine detail on metal: – Protective masks are applied to the surface then strong acid is used to cut through the unprotected areas; leaving the desired pattern behind.
3. Laser Cutting
Many notable creations had been realised through laser cutting, a technique largely used for industrial manufacturing; high-power lasers, guided by computers are able to burn, melt or vaporise material in a precise manner, creating high quality, complex surface details.
4. CNC machining
CNC machining is another popular manufacturing process; it can be used to create intricate three dimensional forms usually from wood, metal or plastic using computerised milling and routing techniques via a CAD/CAM program.
The following images are products from suppliers that we considered exceptional, interesting or inspiring regardless of style or budget. Many of these products were manufactured using one or several of the aforementioned processes.
Tom Kirk Lighting – Facet Chandelier
Mirror polished stainless steel and acrylic with LED light source.  Acid etching has been used to create the surgically precise stainless steel blade sections, a breathtakingly elegant creation.

Tom Kirk Lighting – Facet Chandelier
 Terzani – ‘Frame’ 
An exquisite, decorative pendant light available in either 70 or 100 mm diameter.
Delicate coral patterns have been acid etched into the steel diffuser and encapsulated in a 24% lead crystal sheath resulting in a unique, fascinating aesthetic.
Terzani – Frame
An extraordinary, mesmerising, hand crafted chandelier utilising over four kilometres of chain. Perhaps the most talked about product at this year’s exhibition

Boatswain Lighting – Levitas
Previously known as diffuse, Boatswain lighting continue to develop their well established range of porcelain lighting products.
The illuminated ceramic produces a warm, comforting glow very similar to that of candle light.  Levitas has been recently modified to take a unique LED component that produces a neat, uniform light source.
Boatswain Lighting – levitas
Le Deun Luminaires 
Omega, Super 8 and PI Super are three excellent examples of how LED light sources are helping to change the form of lighting products, elegant.. Good product design which is functional, efficient and timeless.
Le Deun Luminaires – Omega, Super 8 & PI Super
French manufacturers Lamellux specialise in creating laminated decorative products including boards, furniture and doors. Decorative grained woods, resin and LED lighting are combined and sculpted using CNC Routing to create fascinating, often futuristic looking products.
Golran’s decolourised rugs were unique and arrestingly beautiful. Hand selected, weathered, antique carpets from Anatolia are reborn using a process of decolourisation and recolourisation. Hints of pattern peep through the substructure creating a finish that resembles an ancient artefact, but avoids looking jaded due to the vegetable dye colourisation process:- Upmarket, intriguing and ecologically sound.
William Yeoward – Hall
The new range from William Yeoward is a refreshing range of decorative furniture. Intricate laser cut bronze bases draw inspiration from Islamic mathematical pattern. Porto Oro stone mica tops finish the products with unusual sophistication.
William Yeoward – Hall

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