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De Montfort University Leicester (DMU) Art & Design Show 2023

Our National Design Academy Tutors had a blast visiting this year’s De Montfort University Leicester (DMU) Art & Design Degree show 2023. The design show which was open to the public to visit between Friday 16th – Wednesday 21st June 2023 gives DMU design students the opportunity to visually showcase their work. As academic partners with DMU, we’re always blown away by the fresh design talent that DMU nurtures, and this year didn’t disappoint!

It was inspiring to see such a wide breadth of projects that encapsulate important global issues like environmentalism, diversity, and sustainability at their core.

Here’s what our National Design Academy Tutors had to say about their design show visit.

Outside DMU Art & Design Degree Show 2023

(Photo taken at: DMU Art & Design Degree show 2023)

It is so nice to be able to see what is happening across a range of institutions, and particularly special to be able to see what our academic partners are up to. 

Each year a clear theme stands out, and this year wellbeing and biophilic design seemed to surround the variety of concepts developed by students.

It was also nice to be able to explore some of the other disciplines on offer, namely architecture and fashion, which have strong links to interiors and often have a more conceptual starting point. 

For me the takeaway from this visit, is that as interior designers, we should be allowed to think outside the box a little more to explore the ‘unusual’. 

Amy Payler -Carpenter – Senior National Design Academy Tutor

DMU Art & Design Degree Show 2023 Student Installation Project

(Photo taken at: DMU Art & Design Degree show 2023)

“Upon visiting the DMU Degree Show, there was a plethora of interesting projects that stood out across all areas of design and overall, it was a really insightful experience.

The general theme that I identified throughout final projects interestingly appeared to be around designing buildings that were complimentary towards societal and environmental issues. Some examples include, youth rehabilitation centres and projects responding to and raising awareness of ocean waste and pollution.

Another project that stood out focused on the decline of bees. It educated visitors on how bees play a vital role in our eco-systems.

This was the first time that I have visited the DMU Art & Design Degree show, and it was interesting to see emerging trends from the new generation of designers.”

Molly Johnson – National Design Academy Tutor

DMU Art & Design Degree Show Student Bee Project Work

(Photo taken at: DMU Art & Design Degree show 2023)

“This was my first visit to the DMU Art & Design Degree show, it was refreshing to see a range of student work across Interior Design, Architecture, and Fashion Design.

I think the project that stood out the most was ‘NOLO’. The student had developed a strong concept and displayed the different design stages from initial development until the final design. The sketchbook was brimming with ideas, drawings, concept development, and research. The final design was well presented and even included a 3D walkthrough of the space.

Another project that I found very interesting was called ‘Washed Ashore’. This was another innovative concept where the student designed an interactive educational hub to make people aware of the issues surrounding plastic pollution. The final visuals really reflected the design and space well.”

Sarah Yazji – National Design Academy Tutor

(Photo taken at: DMU Art & Design Degree show 2023)

The National Design Academy Tutors visit to this year’s DMU Art & Design Degree show was a truly enriching experience. Witnessing the creative prowess and innovative thinking displayed by the next generation of design talent has left a lasting impression. We always revel in witnessing emerging trends, themes, and issues from new designers and we can’t wait to see what next years design talent has to offer.

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