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Day two at the UCAS London Exhibition

15th November 2013

As Friday morning approached Vicky and Sarah were up bright and early to start welcoming the many UCAS London students to our National Design Academy stand. Although the second day got off to a slower start, the stand was still of great interest to both students and career advisors alike.

Below we hear from our two professional design tutors, Vicky Arbuthnot and Sarah Lockett, about how they think the second day went at the UCAS London exhibition.

Vicky Arbuthnot

“We have had a fabulous couple of days at the UCAS London event, it was really inspiring and encouraging to see so many young students interested in interior design. A high percentage of the feedback we gained from the students was based around the fact that they were now more apprehensive about attending university full time, due to increased course fees, living costs and course materials. This is why online learning seems to be becoming increasingly popular in the UK. The USA has already fully adopted online distance learning and is benefitting wonderfully from the various study options available to the student population. This trend is now filtering through to the UK as increasing numbers of people are wanting to work full time whilst still gaining their fully accredited degree certificate. NDA courses are an appealing option for this new wave of students, the flexibility and quality of the courses can perfectly complement their chosen lifestyle and work commitments.”

Sarah Lockett

“Day two got off to a great start not only did the momentum of students coming to our stand continue but we also saw increased interest from careers advisors. The majority of the careers advisors that we spoke to believed that the National Design Academy could offer young college leavers the perfect part time study opportunity. The options when leaving college can sometimes seem a touch limited and are generally considered to be; going to university or getting a full time job. The NDA can offer that wonderful mid-ground opportunity that not only eases the student into the working world by allowing students to start working in a chosen career field but also ensures that they can gain a valuable degree qualification, making them a very attractive prospect in the job market”

It’s been a busy couple of days at the UCAS London event and the interest expressed by the student population has been unrivalled. Vicky and Helen Keighley (Director of Quality and Business) will also be at the UCAS Manchester event on 25th and 26th November, why not pop by and say hello.

For more information about the courses offered by the National Design Academy, visit

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