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Case Study: Dana Al-Awa

Dana Al-Awa

“Growing up in the UK, then living for a short while in my home country Syria and then again in the UK and now Germany, I can safely say that studying with NDA has been an easy and flexible process wherever you may be in the world.

I chose to study the MA degree in Interior Design after finishing my Bachelor’s degree in Interior design to broaden my knowledge and experience in Interior Design. The course outline and topics were refreshing and seemed interesting and I immediately started to think of project ideas and subject areas. Choosing NDA was an easydecision, as everything was laid out for you, no questions needed to be asked and the entire application process was straightforward and professional.

When I was finally enrolled, the Virtual Learning System made working on projects, contacting tutors and other students extremely easy and user friendly-(it honestly felt like I was part of a community) right in the comfort of my own home!

Working from home has many advantages, especially for someone who travels a lot like myself, the copious amounts of information and how much I’ve already learnt is really exciting. I hope to use the skills I have gathered from studying at NDA to perhaps opening my own interior design office or even workingwithin a company that values the ideals of good catered design for all!”

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