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Creative interior ideas for children’s bedrooms

One area of interior design that often gets overlooked in discussion, is that of the design of children’s bedrooms. We know how important it is to design a space with integrity, purpose, style and function, whether it be a kitchen or living room, but the importance of designing children’s bedrooms with the same criteria in mind should not be underestimated.

The Importance of Children’s Bedrooms

A child’s room is a space for them to be inquisitive, a space for them to be creative, a space to call their own and a place for them to play, learn and develop.  The design of our environment has a profound effect on how we as humans, create a sense of well-being, stability and familiarity.  These elements are vital when creating an exciting and welcoming space for children, so take a look at some of our top picks of how your children’s bedrooms can showcase great inventive ideas.

Pirate chic

Pirates are a firm favourite with many young children as it allows them to escape in to the realms of fantasy and imaginative play.  So why not let them be fully immersed in their own pirate fantasy land, like this bedroom interior created by ‘Kuhl Design & Build’.  This imaginative design uses the whole space within the central design theme.  From a ship’s crow’s nest, to wooden crossing bridge and even the gang-plank, every bed-time is a full on pirate adventure!

chiildren's interior design ideas pirate chic

childs bedroom ideas pirates  chilldrens pirate interior design

Soft safari

The natural world is a firm favourite, particularly with younger children as from an early age, many children have a certain affinity with animals due to the attraction of things that move, things that are brightly coloured and easy to see.  Animals can bring a large amount of interaction for children, as well as the curiosity and imagination of far flung adventures in forests and on safari.

Bringing animals and the natural world in to a child’s bedroom can be as simple or as extravagant as you want it to be.  A starting point would be to use their existing stuffed animals and toys to set the scene as you can use these as inspiration for the overall design of the room.  For example, these felt faux taxidermy animal heads from ‘Serena & Lily’ can bring a great sense of fun to the walls.

childrens bedroom interior design  childs bedroom interior design soft safari

The alternative is to fully embrace the jungle/safari theme and decorate the room, head-to-toe, in jungle paraphernalia.  From intricately painted murals, to jeep safari beds and jungle hideaways, these extreme designs are sure to keep children entertained for hours on end.


childrens jungle safari bedroom interior design  childrens safari themed bedroom interior design

Far-away travels

This next idea comes straight from the pages of Jules Verne’s literary classic adventure novel, ‘Around the World in Eighty Days’.  Designer Anton Saveliev has created a room full of adventure, but also one of sophistication in this contemporary take on far-away travels.  The light colours, classic materials and use of the vertical space, gives this room a level of adaptability which could be refreshed and redesigned when the children are a little older, yet still retains a sense of whimsy and enjoyment.

childrens bedrooms far away lands  childrens interior design far-away lands  interior design childs bedroom

Petit Scandi

The Scandinavian design trend (or ‘Scandi’) is one of incredible popularity but one which exudes more than just design; it highlights a certain lifestyle.  Scandi design themes are not just for grown-up spaces demonstrating cool colours and warm, heavy textiles; Scandi can also easily translate in to a chic and stylish child’s bedroom.  The image bottom left, was created by ‘Sukha’; a sustainably-conscious Dutch design store, whose preference for handcrafted, unique items shine through all of their products.

A good thing about the Scandi style and the use of teepees, is that this is a truly unisex design.  A neutral, soft colour palette, as shown below, can be creatively adapted with small splashes of colour and creative patterns and textures to make the design a little more personal to any child.

petit scandi childs bedroom  petit scandi childs bedroom interior design

So whether designing a full theme, or utilising accessories and small decoration, the importance of creating an interactive, personal and welcoming room for your child can only help spur their imagination.



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