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Continuous development at the NDA with Arnold Laver

Last week the NDA received a visit from the prestigious company, Arnold Laver, to work together to provide the current trends for our curriculum and to our Tutors, as well as updating the team on the latest news and advancements in the industry.

Arnold Laver is an innovative UK Company with a range of interests and specialisms, including property, leisure and a large timber business. Being experts in construction materials, Arnold Laver imports, distributes and manufactures a wide range of timber and timber based materials, including panels, decorative surfaces and joinery products.

Arnold Laver

Fire doors and safety

David Oldfield, Joinery Director at Arnold Laver, began the presentation highlighting the importance of fire doors as being one of the most vital elements in a building when planning the design of an interior. They are a fire protection system that can save lives and property. Having certified fire doors by a third party are the best solution to provide safety with confidence.

The industry and the most recent products

We were also privileged to have Mark Ashmore, National Sales Manager for Arnold Laver, provide us with the latest news and product samples in decorative surfaces such as laminates, veneers, light concrete and organic panels called Organoids. The NDA will write several articles about these products and its use for interior design in the following weeks.

To finish, the National Design Academy would like to thank David, Mark and the team at Arnold Laver for their presence, training and information.

If you want to know more about Arnold Laver visit their website here: and their online store here:

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