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Co-Working Spaces; a New World of Interior Design

It has been said, that the design of your work environment directly impacts productivity…

The increase of freelance workers, combined with shared living leaving most people without an at home office, has seen a sharp rise in co-working spaces. Designers across the world have been working to create the perfect space for creatives to get inspired in their cities.

Wing 1.1

This whole area of design combines principles applied to designing commercial, hospitality and home spaces. Research also shows the design of a workplace correlates with the happiness of workers, meaning to sustain the co-working spaces, the design has got to keep people wanting to come back.

First up is Sinergics co-working space in Barcelona:

Designers from Colombo and Serboli Architecture (CASA) kept budget at the centre of this innovative space, along with comfort and usability. Key features, such as hammocks suspended above integrated storage systems and versatile furniture, are just a few of the ways this community space is fit for purpose without breaking the bank.

Sinergics 1

Sinergics 2

Speaking on the project, CaSA had this to say:

“We [transformed] five never-used, neglected, bricked and empty premises on the ground floor of social-housing blocks into attractive, vibrant workspaces where small companies would want to set up their offices.”

Each of the work spaces has its own distinctive colour, which is applied around the base of the walls and on round acoustic panels that hang from the ceilings. This helps to give each space their own identity. There is something for everyone so you can choose the space for your own taste, and work needs.

Sinergics 3

Sinergics 6

Female Co-Working Spaces:

Within this fast growing market of co-working spaces, female only co-working facilities seem to be some of the most popular. Multiple companies are being established in different locations across the world. Two example of this are The Wing and Make Lemonade.

The designs used within these female only co-working spaces are clearly very targeted, with the use of soft furnishings, pastel colours and soft lighting with lots of windows throughout all of the spaces.

The Wing:

The Wing’s New York SoHo branch opened last year following the huge success of their first launch, The Wing Manhattan, just six months earlier. The Wing provides women with a mix of open-plan and private workspaces. It is intended to be a supportive community that mirrors that of the women’s club movement in the 19th and 20th century.

Wing 1.2

Wing 1.3

The Wing’s New York based Interior Designer, Chiara De Rege has worked on all the company’s spaces and has curated a strong aesthetic from their first location. This includes “Wing pink”, a pale take on the popular millennial shade, decorative wall coverings and a mix of stylish, luxury furnishings.

At the SoHo location, Chiara wanted to make the most of the loft’s original features like windows, skylights and high ceilings. Another intentional choice is the artwork hanging from a simple rod on the back wall. The pieces are all made by female artists and are rotated regularly.

Wing 1.4

Wing 1.5

Wing 1.6

After SoHo, it was Brooklyn that was treated to a new ‘Wing’ space. Interior Designer, Chiara De Rege aimed for a cosy atmosphere at this location. Applying principles from her signature ‘Wing’ aesthetic, Chiara also wanted to bring a homely feel to the old paper factory in Dumbo.

Wing 2.1

Wing 2.2

While The Wing’s other spaces occupy one-storey lofts, the Brooklyn outpost comprises two floors, a storefront and an atrium, giving De Rege a new challenge. Throughout the whole space, including the concrete floors, you will find tints of the company’s signature “Wing pink” paired with pale oak flooring to add warmth and cosiness. A mix of private and open-plan work spaces are decorated in contrasting pastel and bold tones.

Wing 2.3

Wing 2.4

De Rege spoke to Dezeen about the project saying:

“The goal was to help The Wing open its doors to the Brooklyn community by designing a timeless, engaging, cool, fun yet professional space.”

Wing 2.5

Make Lemonade:

Make Lemonade takes a slightly more casual, stripped back approach to design. This can be seen in their latest location in Toronto, Canada. The design by locally based MMNT Studio, features phone booths with grassy carpets, a floral mural, and rose-pink and lemon-yellow furniture.

Make Lemonade 2

Make Lemonade was founded by Rachel Kelly. Rachel struggled with noise levels when freelancing or working on the go, and was tired of limited seating offered in cafes across the city. She wanted to create a space for people like her to work comfortably. So, along with MMNT Studio – also known as Moment Illustration, she set to create a peaceful yet “playful” environment suited to a range of working styles.

Make Lemonade 1

Make Lemonade 3

The local design studio separated the open-plan space on the top floor of an office building into in to three zones. White-painted walls and refinished concrete floors run throughout to provide a blank backdrop for the different finishes in each.

What do you think of this wave of uniquely designed working spaces? Would you live to tackle a project like this?

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Thanks for reading!

***All images sourced from Dezeen.


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