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2016 Christmas Window Displays

If there’s something people love about Christmas, it’s strolling down the street and looking at their favourite store Christmas window display. It’s almost like being a child again and dreaming about the presents you’re going to get. In this blog, we take a look at some of the best Christmas window displays this year has to offer.

This year’s Christmas window display at Harrods has been designed in conjunction with Burberry, with the fashion icon being the star of the show by using its unmistakable fabric print. The windows depict a range of activities from surfing to playing the organ. On the day the displays were unveiled, a large tree stood outside the famous retailer, adorned with miniature clothing items with plenty of present-filled Harrods bags underneath. Every fashionistas dream.

Harrods Christmas Window Displays 2016

Harrods window display in London

Selfridges moved away from the traditional with this year’s theme ‘Bad Santa’. All the window displays focus on Santa’s party lifestyle, surrounded by women, drink and general debauchery. There are two very distinct feelings to the displays; masculine and feminine. Some using pinks and glitter, whilst the others are dark and sultry. The mix of humour and high-end products is definitely eye catching.

Selfridges Christmas Window Displays 2016

Selfridges window display in London

On the other end of the spectrum Liberty, who have stuck to the traditions, and nothing can be more so than the Nutcracker, a Russian ballet set at Christmas featuring toymakers, mice and the infamous Sugar Plum Fairy. The windows consist of moving figures, large decorated trees and the inner working of a grandfather clock. This is a theme which is very popular this year with the Chatsworth House Christmas theme this year also being the Nutcracker.

Liberty Christmas Window Display 2016

Liberty window display in London

Finally, for those of your more into fine dining than fashion, Fortnum and Mason are tackling the trickier issue of war peace with their ‘Together We’re Merrier’ theme. Each window displays two arch-enemies who have overcome their issues and in the true spirit of Christmas, have made up! At the heart of each display are colourful cartoon like characters on a white background made up of a range of household items. Very simply, yet very effective.

Fortnum and Mason Christmas Window Displays 2016

Fortnum and Mason window display in London

What do you think of this year Christmas window displays? We felt really inspired and look forward to seeing them in person.


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