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Christmas has come early…

…thanks to Rob Sullivan, Managing Director at RS AV Solutions, who hand delivered a Meridian M80 – the best compact stereo system available in the world!

Pauline Riley and Anthony Rayworth receive the Meridian M80 from Rob Sullivan

It is only on loan, so unfortunately we can’t keep it, but it will be at NDA for a while so that students can experience at first hand the clarity of sound produced by this state of the art audio equipment. Words can hardly describe the fantastic auditory pleasure that this little box effortlessly creates, suffice to say that playing your favourite albums on it will bring out a whole new dimension in the recordings that you would never have known was there. You can read all about Meridian on NDA’s blog post about our recent visit.

Rob was kind enough to give an impromptu talk for students at the recent Muralto visit, which you can watch here. Rob spoke about how important it is to get audio visual professionals like RS AV solutions involved with the early stages of a project, because installing integrated AV equipment involves lots of cabling, and if brought in too late it could mean having to smash though walls that have already been painted and decorated.

RS AV solutions design and install bespoke automated audio visual systems, working with private clients in home settings, to much larger business projects. If you need advice about a project, get in touch, Rob will be more than happy to help.

It is also worth knowing that Meridian’s entry level music system the M80 (pictured) has just had its price slashed down from £1,495 to £999, making high end audio more affordable for your clients.

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