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Top 5 Christmas Decorating Themes

It’s the question every designer is thinking about at the moment; what is my Christmas decorating theme going to be this year?  Some of us have been thinking about it for a while, whilst others are only just managing to contemplate that Christmas is only a few weeks away (gulp!)

Whilst many of us tend to stick with the same decorations year on year, others like to adapt their decorations or colour themes to bring a fresh aesthetic to our Christmas palette.  In this blog, we look at five of the best Christmas decorating themes that 2016 has to offer, and those which we can carry through to 2017.


Bring the Mexican party spirit to your tree this year, with retro-styled glass cactus hanging decorations, sugar skull baubles and chilli string lights. A Christmas fiesta!

Neon - Mexican Christmas decoration theme


The deep, rich colourings of peacocks are hot on the Christmas styling list this year.  Paired with golds and jewelled embellishments, the peacock theme can bring a warm, elaborate and decorative aesthetic to your tree.  Pair with clean, plain white baubles to really bring out the rich tones in these decorations.

Peacock Christmas decoration


Geometrics are a trend that will go on for years to come, so why not bring a contemporary edge to your Christmas tree this year as this will be a style that you can add to, adapt and enhance year after year.

Geometric trend Christmas decoration

Paper craft:

Bring a touch of DIY and creative craft to your decorations this year with the addition of paper craft.  This theme would pair up quite nicely with the geometric trend, but if you are a fan or origami, recycling, upcycling or paper sculpture, this could be the theme for you.

Paper craft DIY - Christmas decor


Whether wall coverings, accessories or Christmas decorations, metallics will bring a sense of glamour, sparkle and warmth to your Christmas decorating theme, particularly with the use of copper and rose gold.

Metallic trend - Christmas decor


So what’s it to be?  A touch of Mexican colour infusion?  The warmth of peacock blues?  Or be part of the geometric trend?  Either way, however you choose to theme your Christmas decorations will be a reflection of you at this festive time of year.


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