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Celebrating our students

Many of our students are full time mothers, fathers, employed or have other commitments as well as working hard to complete their course. We understand our students put a huge amount of effort and determination into their study and we want to champion their excellent work.

Foundation Degree (FdA) student Tatjana Macarova has wowed the tutor team at the National Design Academy with her digital Reflective Design Journal.

Here are a few snap shots of her journal, it’s guaranteed to inspire you if you’re studying an Interior Design course, or just simply a keen amateur!

Reflective Journal Approaved-2

Her fabulous renders, annotations and imagery are presented beautifully in the style of a scrapbook and finalised with subtle elements of detail.

Reflective Journal Approaved-7

Reflective Journal Approaved-8 (1)

If Tatjana’s work has lit a spark and inspired you to study interior design, it’s easier than you think! If you don’t have any qualifications that’s okay, you don’t need any to enroll on our Diploma in Professional Interior Design which is the equivalent of an A-Level.

Reflective Journal Approaved-17

If you already have this level of qualification or an equivalent, you can enroll on our Foundation Degree (FdA) which is years 1 & 2 at university. Please feel free to check our website for more information or you can click onto the Interior Design course FAQ page at the top!

Reflective Journal Approaved-26
Reflective Journal Approaved-28

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