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CEDIA CPD event at Genesis Technologies

The Smart Home Technology (CPD) events held by CEDIA are organised to reach out to budding designers and professionals in the industry. These events support the custom installation sector by emphasising and demonstrating the benefits of home technology and how to install these high quality items in a professional manner.  
The latest event held was the Smart Home Technology CEDIA CPD event at Genesis Technologies in Bracknell on Thursday 18th October. A fantastic day was had by all that attended and everyone left with their minds full of inspirational new ideas to incorporate into their work.
Below we hear from one of our highly esteemed National Design Students; Marina Georgiou, to get her take on the day’s events.
“I had the great pleasure of attending the Smart Home Technology CPD event organised by CEDIA at Genesis Technologies in Bracknell. Genesis Technologies design what they call “Hi Tech Couture” and my goodness, it sure is! We had the pleasure of listening to the highly knowledgeable Wim Ge De Vos, the co-founder of Genesis Technologies. He was happy to talk to us about the basics of installation and how to incorporate “hi tech couture” into our designs as well as showing us the end results. These were impressive indeed. SMART technology integrated within very successful and cutting edge interior design schemes. We were also shown examples of how it shouldn’t be done, which was very amusing and the whole afternoon whizzed by as it was so interesting and fun.
After the talks….and coffee….and sandwiches….and cakes……and fruit cocktails….we were taken to the room sets. These were definitely an eye opener. Flush TV screens and hidden speakers behind some very beautiful wallpaper and no compromise on the sound quality. Followed by a cinema room in which we were able to watch a clip of Puss in Boots! I have seen this film many times with my children, but I felt as if I was watching it for the first time! The picture quality and the sound were out of this world. Every nuance was audible and clear and ….amazing!….until we were shown into the second cinema room. This was a room that if built into someone’s home would cost in the region of £1,000,000. Now this was truly awesome. We saw many clips from many films as we sat within walls padded with acoustic “stuff!” The change was noticeable as soon as we walked into the room as the sound of our voices completely changed. It was pointed out how all this was achieved within the design and placement of furniture, accessories and speakers, all done with the acoustics in mind.
What was great about the whole afternoon was that even if you’re not designing for millionaires, knowing what is available and possible within a scheme in terms of AV and lighting does give you a heads up on your competition. This technology is improving and changing all the time. This was a fantastic afternoon, it was really inspiring and exciting and I can’t wait to get out there and just do it!”
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