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Case Study: Julie White

Below we hear from past National Design Academy student; Julie White. Julie successfully completed her BA (Hons) Interior Design last year and was awarded NDA Student of the Year for 2013.

“Since becoming Student of the Year 2013, I have had a very interesting year so far. I worked in the residential sector for a year after finishing my degree for a company that specialised in exclusive, high end ski properties in the Swiss Alps. This involved full project management of the build process and design of the interiors.

Commercial design was always my passion so I left that company and set up on my own as a consultant and have been contracted for a few months now for a brand consultancy and design agency called 1751. It has to be my dream job and I just love it. I am working with large clients within the drinks industry such as Diageo, Pernod Ricard and Bacardi and we design experiences and spaces for them all over the world. I am working on designs for distilleries in Scotland and on some interesting drink product designs. I am now a permanent member of the team and very excited about my future.

My final design project for the National Design Academy was a distillery visitor centre design, designs from which are being redesigned and used in upcoming projects.

I spend much of my free time researching design and marketing trends and I am asked to contribute to articles across social media and for brands themselves. I am off to Portland, Oregon next week for a month to research the drinks industry state-side.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank NDA and hope that everyone enjoys this year’s graduation!”

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  1. Julie, this is so inspiring and I hope that I will be as successful as you once I’ve completed my degree – if I’m accepted. Interior Design is my passion and will compliment my architecture background beautifully.


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